Astragalus – Know about The Chinese Medicine

There are only few people who know about the herb named Astragalus. It has many advantages. The herb has almost 3,000 species. From thousands of years, Chinese doctors are using this medicine to support and protect the immune system, respiratory infection and prevent colds. It can lower the blood pressure.

This medicine is really effective for diabetes. It plays a major role in protecting the liver. Even many Chinese hospitals give these medicines to recover from the chemotherapy. It can boost the impaired structure of the immune system. Even in North America, people are growing the herb in the nurseries.

Astragalus eurekensis

Astragalus eurekensis (Photo credit: utahwildflowers99)

Growing Astragalus

The herbal plant grows almost 2 ft. tall. It likes the alkaline sandy soil. It the herb is grown in the withstand temperature. Before sowing the Astragalus root, people need to scrap and soak. From many years, people are researching on the herb in both US and China.

It has shown that the herb can potentially benefit the immune system, liver and heart. It can be also used as the adjunctive treatment for cancer. It is also used as the traditional medicine in many other countries for several years. The medicine directly appears for boosting the production of stem cell in the bone marrow.

It also helps the stems cells to become the immune cells. It can protect the human body from the invaders. The herbal medicine enhances the T cells activities. It can destroy the viruses of the body. It reduces plaque from the arteries. It has the antioxidant activity which helps for protecting many organs like heart from any damages.

It can also prevent the shortening of the telomeres. This medicine can expand the lifespan of a person. People can consume it in the form of capsules that are available in the market. People can also make their own tincture after mixing 3 roots with vodka.


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