Best Ways to Treat Hemorrhoid naturally

Are you looking for some natural cures and treatments for hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids ailment can snap out most of happiness from your life. But fret not! Getting best treatment for hemorrhoids is not that much difficult! Explore this article below that guides you over tips that helps in treating hemorrhoids in an effective way!

Diagram showing a variety of hemorrhoids.

Diagram showing a variety of hemorrhoids. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Acupuncture is an elderly traditional Chinese kind of medicine. This technique involves the application of gentle deep pressure for some few minutes on some specific points on the body to relieve constipation. Aromatherapy and usage of oils can also do wonders for treating the issue. You can sit in a warm water tub that contains warm water and twenty drops of Lavender and Juniper essential oils. Sit in this bath tub for about twenty minutes.

Mix teaspoon of ghee(clarified butter) to half teaspoon of turmeric and apply this mixture directly to your inflamed bum at night before you retire. Repeat this for about days continuously and then pause for days before you reapply for another three days. Continue this pattern of application till the hemorrhoid symptoms disappear.

Reflexology Technique is another good method for treating hemorrhoid. This involves the application of pressure to certain points on the feet to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms. There are about 12 specific points on the feet that pressure can be applied to relieve hemorrhoid pain and constipation. Although these holistic measures are good at relieving pile symptoms, most of them only give temporary relief.

Other Natural and effective ways to treat hemorrhoids

Medicated pads help in reducing pain and itching related to piles. These pads contain active ingredient hazel which has the ability to shrink. Use these pads to cleanse area several times a day after passing stool. Use soft tissues to clean rectum to get rid of irritation. Even mild soap can be used with warm water for cleaning rectal area. Whatever you choose you should get it at the reliable store such as Pharm Expert.

You would be surprised to know that food whatever you eat has a positive and negative effect on your hemorrhoid. Diet lacking in fiber and roughage is the major reason for piles. So enrich your diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, oatmeal that can help in easing your bowels.

Relaxing in warm water has been proven to relax the sphincter muscle. Put 3-4 tbsp of Epsom salt in warm water bath and sit in it for 15 minutes on daily basis. This formula gives quick relief to hemorrhoids patients.

If you are constantly suffering from burning and itching around the anal area due to hemorrhoids, then apply petroleum jelly using cotton swab. It is very effective in getting relief from pain and selling caused due to this condition. Always keep in mind that dormant lifestyle is the biggest reason for attack of hemorrhoids. So maintain a good working out schedule in your regular life which will help in providing strong muscles.

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