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MET-Rx is a famous nutrition brand of America which commenced years back. The company manufactures bodybuilding supplements which are also termed as meal replacement powders. The body building program of the company is much famous in the country. Earlier the bodybuilding supplement came in two packing- one labeled “base” and the other “plus”.  Two scoops of the base powder had to be mixed with one scoop of `plus` in a glass of water or milk. But later the product was amended and improved in order to yield stronger results. The product has gained a lot of popularity oflate mainly because it’s high nutritious value.


320 minutes of cardio exercise per week is more than enough for bodybuilding without harming ones heart. MET-Rx acts as catalyst when used with routine exercising and dieting. The overall health of the user is sure to witness remarkable improvements within a reasonable span of time. The product suits everybody`s needs. With high protein content, the product gives optimum results to the user. One can get into the desired shape with the help of the product.

One should be quite peculiar in selecting the type of exercises that one opts to done should pay extra attention while choosing the exercise because at times they are risky and can result in extra weight. Grownups who are stern for building muscles should certainly take creatine as daily supplement in their food.  Having three or four meals a day shall not give the amount of strength required by an athlete. It is only when the entire energy of the food is absorbed by the body, then one gains an optimum size and figure.

Meal replacement is the next best thing that one can do for bodybuilding. It is simply impossible for one to carry a refrigerator full of food all the time. The meal replacement powder shall act as a substitute for the food. Moreover the nutrition value of the powder is far more than one`s daily diet. The product has relatively less calories than other food supplements have. Each doze contains 22gms of carbohydrates, 250kcal of energy and 37gms of protein. The convenient to carry packs comprises of 25 different essential nutrients. The product is free of aspartame and contains no added sugar or gluten.

The powder has to be consumed with milk which is fast to digest. The combinations of protein in the product releases amino acids for seven hours thereby rendering intense energy to one`s body. Casein protein and whey protein are the two main ingredients of the product. Whey protein is quickly digested and absorbed by the body. It rapidly breaks down amino acids into the muscles.  The effect is rapid though for a shorter span of time. Casein protein on the other hand forms a gel-like mixure in the stomach. It gradually breaks down over a period time thereby slowly releasing energy within. Casein protein turns the powder to become all the more effective as casein protein is gradually digested and absorbed. It gives greater time to the body for fuel retention. Thus healthy eating habits along with proper dietary supplements are a key to desired physique.


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