Buying and maintenance guide for men’s linen shirts

Linen shirts are preferred by men, especially when they are looking for something luxurious and different. If you haven’t shopped for a linen shirt till now, here is a guide for you.

Linen is a fabric made of flax plant fibers. It is woven, and people have been making and wearing linen shirts for a long time. Some traits which make linen shirts popular are:

  • It is a cool and breathable fabric, hence highly recommended for summer. This makes linen a great fabric for shirts and suits in tropical places.
  • Linen fibres are smooth, and you will not find any lint or fuzz on these shirts.
  • It is not elastic. Hence it is important to choose the right fit and size.
  • Insects do not usually attack linen.
  • It is naturally stain-proof.
  • As linen is bio-degradable, it is an eco-friendly option.

How to select a linen shirt?

When you plan to purchase a linen shirt for yourself, go for slightly looser cuts. The simple reason being linen doesn’t stretch, and you may need little room for movement.

Also, look for the best quality. Cheap linen shirts are produced of thinner fabric and may not last long. It can lead to tearing. And if you want to make a good impression, choosing high-quality linen shirts is a good option.

Linen shirts look good in light colors, plains, solids, or subtle patterns. You have different designs, styles and patterns available. You must pick the look you desire and allow the linen to speak for itself.

Maintenance of linen shirts

Linen shirts may wrinkle; hence, you should iron or steam them cautiously before wearing them to make a good impression. What makes linen good wear is that they forgive if you don’t give proper care.

You can wash them as general wear because they are naturally stain-resistant and will stand up to mild abuse without getting damaged.

Also, linen softens with time, so the more you wear and wash it, the more comfortable it will get. Some linen shirts may get slightly silky with time.

Men’s linen shirts shouldn’t be exposed to heat a lot. They should be ironed when they’re a little moist.

Men linen shirts are extremely popular and a perfect alternative to cotton if you’re looking ahead to make a subtle statement. So, make a wise purchase and be cautious when choosing patterns and designs. A good design will help you look great with a good match.