CT Fletcher: Power Lifter Turned Body Builder

The Strongest Man You Never Heard Of? This is what CT Fletcher is commonly know to the world. CT Fletcher is a power lifter of 54 years of age, presently resides in Long Beach, California. In the past he has been 6 times world champion in power lifting category. He is presently the co owner of the Metro flex Gymnasium in Long Beach with Chris Albert, this is the very place from where he does his training. As the power lifters are only allowed to use lifting chalk in the competitions CT Fletcher trains with bare hands. Now Fletcher is a power lifter turned body builder.

In his early life Fletcher originally lived in Little Rock a place in Arkansas. He has been in California for more than 50 years now. CT Fletcher’s family unlike many families was very religious. His father was a Pentecostal preacher; he used to routinely punish CT Fletcher for the mistakes Fletcher committed in his younger days. Some important lessons CT Fletcher learned from his tough and strict upbringing and that helped him to build this illustrious career in the field of body building. CT Fletcher got himself involved in the streets of Compton despite of the strict upbringing he got. But this allowed him to spend a good time in correctional facility, this rough past of his molded him to unleash himself in the gymnasium.

CT Fletcher

After undergoing a heart surgery in the year 2005 both his physique and his attitude changed a lot. Before the surgery Fletcher weighed around 260 pounds, after the surgery he weighed 190 pounds, he tried to avoid the surgery by loosing 45 pounds but he had to undergo the surgery. It took around two years to recover from the heart surgery completely. People thought the problem for which he had to undergo the surgery was for the steroids he took, but CT Fletcher thought that it was because of the 8 meals he took each day for 20 years from the McDonalds.

CT Fletcher started his career as a weightlifter from the age of 22. Fletcher started taking part in competitive power lifting in the year 1983 which he continued for 14 long years till the year 1997. His successful power lifting career is reflected in the prizes he won.

For 3 times CT Fletcher won the World Strict Curl Championship and for another three times he won the World Bench Press competition. Among all these he thinks that the most highlighted portion of his power lifting career was when he attempted 705 pound at the Baddest Bench Press in America Contest in the year 1995. To him this is the biggest achievement as he achieved everything drug free against some of the best power lifters on the Earth.

The main mantra for weight lifting is “earn it” without the use of steroids and supplements i.e. is gain from pure pain. CT Fletcher goes toe to toe with younger athletes to train them in everything like squatting, preacher curling or bench pressing. He intends to return to power lifting to defend his unbroken 225 strict curl record. He also make use of adjustable dumbbells for getting the best workouts and recommend using it for his followers.

CT Fletcher workout plan

CT Fletcher known as the strongest man, now a 54 year old power lifter from Long Beach situated in the state of California. He is originally from Arkansas, a place known as little Rock but has been the state of California from 50 long years. CT Fletcher, a six-time world champion in the category of power lifting started his career from the age of 22 years. CT Fletcher won drug tested world bench championship 3 times and world strict curl championship for 3 times, making it a total of 6 times world champion title for him. CT Fletcher is at the top among the 50 competitors of his time in the bodybuilding and he strives to remain the undisputed champion in the 1st position.

CT Fletcher’s family was religious and thus the environment in which he grew up too was a religious one. His father was a Pentecostal preacher and was quite strict with him, punishing him for the mistakes he used to commit. This strict upbringing of CT Fletcher’s helped him to keep a mental focus and to be tough which later reflected in his illustrious body building career. Despite of the religious and strict upbringing he got, CT Fletcher got himself involved in the Streets of Compton and thus he had to go to the correctional facility and spend a substantial amount of time there. This rough past of CT Fletcher has molded him to unleash him in the gymnasium.

From a power lifter he has turned himself into a body builder, and guides people through the body building exercises. Young aspirant of body building definitely wants a body like CT Fletcher. So guys listed below are some of the CT Fletcher workout plan to help you out.

CT Fletcher workout plan for your arms:
With the minimum reputation of 10, 5 to 6 sets of

1. Incline Bench Hammer Curls
2. Single Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls
3. EZ Bar Preacher Curls
4. Concentration or Cable Curls

CT Fletcher workout plan for your shoulder:
With the minimum reputation of 10, 5 to 6 sets of

1. Smith overhead press, which can also be done while you are in a sitting position.
2. Barbell lateral raise which is done while you are in a standing position.
3. Dumbbell overall press which is done while you are in a seating position.

CT Fletcher workout plan for your chest:
With the minimum reputation of 10, 5 to 6 sets of

1. Pushups
2. Flat barbell and dumbbell bench
3. Smith bench
4. Incline barbell bench

CT Fletcher workout plan for you biceps:
With the minimum reputation of 10, 5 to 6 sets of

1. Barbell and dumbbell preacher curls
2. Concentration curls
3. Straight bar cable curls
4. Incline bench hammer curls

Biceps should be complimented with the triceps, CT Fletcher workout plan triceps:
With the minimum reputation of 10, 5 to 6 sets of

1. W bar triceps extensions
2. Straight bar triceps extensions

CT Fletcher workout plan for your back:
With the minimum reputation of 10, 5 to 6 sets of

1. Dead lifts and lat pull downs
2. Dumbbell rows
3. Lying machine and T-Bar rows
4. Pull-ups

CT Fletcher workout plan for your legs:
With the minimum reputation of 10, 5 to 6 sets of

1. Squats
2. Box squats
3. Hack squats