Health Risk for Not Using Condom

Using condoms can eliminate various risks including HIV /AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, genital herpes, and STDs.  HIV/AIDS can spread through various means including infected syringes, mother`s womb, saliva but maximum cases are reported because not using condoms.


Reports array that more than 50% men and 70% women are sufferers of Chlamydia disease. The disease does not have any special symptoms except some sores and rashes in genitals. In case one fails to notice minor symptoms of Chlamydia, then it does not mean that one is absolutely free from it. One can become a victim of STIs or Chlamydia if condoms are not used.

Another major health risk of not using condom is genital herpes. Genital Herpes is deadly infection produced because of herpes simplex-virus.

Hsv-1 category of genital herpes occurs on top of the waist whereas HSV-2 category of genital herpes infection is caused underneath the waist. HSV virus is known to be asymptomatic in maximum of the cases, thus causing obstruction, contagion and inhibition.

The major symptoms of the ailment include papules or bunch of sores, inflamed vesicles over the genitals. The inflamed lesion somewhat resemble to cold sores.

In males, the symptoms of this disease appear over outer part of penis, anus and inner thigh. In females, the signs of the disease appear over the anus, clitoris, vulva, pubis, and labia. Genital herpes is mainly caused to those people perform anal inter-courses.

Some additional symptoms of this ailment are headache, fever, malaise, constant vaginal discharge, and constant discharge from penis, muscle pain, and enlarged lymph nodes.

People are known to suffer from enlargement of anal and rectum area while suffering from this infection. People who do not use condoms while having sex have a greater possibility of suffering this disease.

People who do not understand the importance of using condoms become victims of HIV/AIDS. HIV /AIDS have been a topic of concern since years as it is difficult to identify during its initial stage. The disease has symptoms that are identical to diseases like viral hepatitis, anxiety and tiredness.

The HIV virus drastically damages the disease fighting ability the body which turns him prone to more ailments. Various types of ailments and tumors which generally do not affect an immune system severely infect the sufferer due to lack of immunity.

Condom helps in to reduce the possibility of unwanted pregnancy. If a person does not desire to have a child with her partner then using condom shall help him to do so. Apart from prohibiting pregnancy, using condom protects one from various diseases also.

Using condoms are highly important while having intercourse with a pregnant woman. Without using condom, a pregnant woman has a greater possibility of suffering from womb infections. Thus, using a condom shall protect the pregnant lady as well as her unborn child.

Changing sexual partners imposes a lot of risk of becoming sexually infected. It has been unleashed that more than 12million people in the United States alone suffer from STDs (sexually transferred diseases). This data can rise invariably if analyzed throughout the world.

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