Helsebixen –The Shop of Health and Nutrition

Helsebixen is the shining name for one of the fastest growing health site and the largest shop in the promotion and the sale of health products and various health and nutritional food. It can easily boast of high rate of conversion with high average for sales. But the most important fact for Helsebixen is that they have about 10,000 products so this can call for more opportunities for potential affiliates. Many products are there which have become more popular and gained high ranking across the world. The potential affiliates can also opt for their partner program called Partner Ads and earn commission while selling their products. All the products are not that expensive when compared to one’s interest of working with unique and niche product.


Actually helsebixen has today gained the popularity simply as Helsebixen around the globe. The owner was Petersen family from Paramaribo and in December of 2008, it was e-marked. It has evolved as a colorful and attractive site with designs, patterns and logo since October 1st 2009. The images and the logo of the site itself speak about the basic philosophy of their service. They have successfully been promoting the use of green products in daily life for the body and soul. By October 2011, they reached to having a collection of about 8000 items.

They stand in Denmark as the largest store with the largest number of health food collection. Their philosophy of using green and healthy food for better living has driven them to expand their store.

This in turn influences the people to think more about their health and nutrition while making it easy to buy health food. In November 2012 Helsebixen was sold to one another firm called Firtal Web Aps who sold heath remedies and health supplements. Today they are well located in the center of the town with their own rooms. Firtal Aps with its previous collection of products like food supplements had a new rise with the new addition of Helsebixen products.

Soon Firtal Aps rose to a new height with its potential dedication for upgrading dietary supplements and other health supplements. The Helsebixen and Firtal Aps have been focusing mainly on the improvement of health products and the ways to easily promote them. They have come up with an aim to introduce in future more and more quality products with herbals supplements, health supplements and vitamins etc. They have also undergone several improvements in their design and packaging and many more are there on the way. Their shop has become now a user friendly place where searching is easy enabled with easy categorizing you can find the exact product you need.

With Helsebixen.dk and Firtal you have an access to the largest varieties of green products and health products for body and well being. The products range from personal section, homeopathy, food, non food to sex products for pregnancies, child care, hygiene products and thousandths more. You think of an item and they have it there in their shop.