Herbal Medicines Remedies and Proven Benefits to Mankind

Herbal medicine is popularly used by the Chinese, Greeks, Romans, and Indians and is a major component in all traditional medicines. Because of the adverse and notorious effects brought about by the western medicines, the advent of herbal medicine, a natural drug approach, has undeniably accelerated in the recent years.

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On the other hand, it is noted that most herbal treatments are not tested for its safety and efficacy using the clinical and pharmacologic trials that Western Drug Companies are using. Furthermore, this type of healing approach is refuted as well by the medical communities indicating that these herbal types of treatments may place the well-being or life of an individual at risk.

Most of the chemical constituents of a plant would vary in each species. For us to establish the effectiveness and the safety of each herbal medicine, it must be tested using different clinical trials such as randomized or placebo-controlled. However, only a few of these herbs have been tested through this method.

Additionally, the conception that herbal medicines remedies are completely safe because they are natural is not true. It must be known that herbal preparations are known to cause adverse effects as well as allergic reactions and drug interactions.

Unknowingly, each one of us is practicing herbal medicine and this has been commonly used as part of our food such as salads and vegetables. Ginger, garlic, onions, and oregano are widely used as condiments for our food. The aforementioned herbs are conclusively known to provide positive effects when used by humans.

The efficacies of all herbal products are left not proven otherwise. However, the knowledge of herbal traditions has greatly increased such that its natural process of healing and the benefits of these herbs to heal are widely known to human at this time period.

With its benefits as an antimicrobial and anti-cholesterol agents as well as memory enhancer, anti-cancer agent, and treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, cough, colds, and other diseases, who among us would refuse to use this type of treatment?

After all, western medicine arose from this traditional type of medicine such that one could not deny using herbal plants because of its proven benefits to mankind.