How Ovulation Predictor Kits Helps to Track Fertility

There are females who are more interested to track their fertility every month. So there are many methods that are now available to track their fertility. Ovulation predictor kits are much useful in tracking the fertility and come as one of the best ways of tracking.

Many people do not know how to use these ovulation predictor kits and some wonder whether they really work. So let us see some simple methods on how to use ovulation kits. The main mechanism of this kit is by detecting the luteinizing hormone surge.

There are two methods of detecting the ovulation by using the ovulation predictor kits. One is the test strip method and other is the midstream ovulation predictor method.

Both the methods work in the same way and give same results. To use the test strip method the strip should be dipped into the urine. Here the first morning urine should not be used. This is because early morning the level of luteinizing hormone is generally high. And one more thing that should be kept in mind when using the test strip is to take less water on the day of checking.

The midstream method is slightly different from the above method. Here the strip should be held when the urine flows out. That is why this method is named as the midstream method. Both the methods take about 5 minutes time for the results to appear.

In the strip of ovulation kits two bands can be seen i.e. the control band and the result band. The colour from the control band and the result band should be compared. As luteinizing hormone is present throughout the cycle the colour should be darker. The colour in the result band should be similar or darker than the colour in the control band.

If the colour in the result band is light as compared to the colour in the control band then it is evident that the ovulation has not occurred. To get more accurate results the basal body temperature should also be recorded.

The test should also be repeated again the next day because the Luteinizing hormone surge may vary. It is very good to test twice a day so that the hormonal surge is not missed. Overall using the ovulation kit is easy and beneficial and at the same time it becomes very easy to be prepared to welcome a new guest to the house.

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