How to Treat A Hand Injury

Hand injuries are common and can happen to almost anybody. There are several ways you can treat this type of injury. If you have a torn ligament, you would want to rest your hand for a few hours to give it time to recuperate from the stress. Next, will need to apply a cold pack on the hand and you should elevate your hand on a surface for a few hours each day. Take some anti-inflammatory pain relievers and avoid activities that involve heavy use of the hand such as lifting items and typing.


What If My Hands Are Swollen After the Injury?

One thing you should do is drink plenty of water because it reduces swelling. Another way to reduce hand swelling is to elevate the hands so that the swelling is easier to deal with. Give your swollen hands a gentle massage because it boosts blood circulation and eases some of the pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which you injure your hand through repetitive use in a certain setting such as typing on the computer and bending the hand or wrist for a certain period of time. To treat this hand injury, you want to reduce the time you spend on the computer to reduce the pain. If you sense numbness in your hand and or wrist, you should immediately see a doctor. In some cases, hand braces also help in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. This type of situation is best left to the advice of a medical professional.

What If My Wrist Is Fractured?

In these types of emergency situations, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a medical professional as soon as possible. For temporary relief, you need to elevate the wrist so that it does not swell further.  If necessary, ask about surgery in the event the condition is very severe. Alternatively, you can visit the physical therapist and chiropractor for rehabilitation and treatment.

Hand injuries are not pleasant, but with immediate treatment, it is possible to have a normal functioning hand after the injury. Always follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and if you are taking medications, you should take the right dosage as stated on the label. Avoid physically strenuous activities after the injury and take breaks in between daily tasks that involve heavy use of the hand. Like all injuries, rest and proper exercise will allow your hand to heal and reduce the recovery time.