Imperium Auto Glass: Types of Sunroof Problems and Auto Sunroof Repair Service in Houston, Texas

Imperium Auto Glass offers one of the best auto sunroof repair services in Houston, Texas. All makes and models can count on our expert sunroof repair and replacement services. We are one of the best auto glass shops in the nation. Expertly fitting and installing your sunroof into your car is possible thanks to our staff’s familiarity with all the available options. Imperium Auto Glass promises a first-rate sunroof repair or replacement experience. Contact us today and you won’t regret our service. This blog by Imperium Auto Glass highlights some of the prevalent sunroof problems. 

Prevalent Sunroof Problems.

  1. Sunroofs That Won’t Open.

A sunroof serves its intended function and brings its owner delight when it can be opened to let fresh air into the automobile. It’s aggravating when your sunroof won’t open since it negates the purpose of having one. A blown fuse, a malfunctioning motor or wiring, damaged rails, or rain can all prevent your sunroof from opening. If your car’s sunroof is acting up, it’s best to have a professional take a look at it to diagnose and fix the problem.

  • Sunroof Leaking.

While an open sunroof on a hot summer day is a welcome relief, there are occasions when you may want to keep the outside elements out, such as when it starts to rain. However, this can be impossible if your sunroof springs a leak. A leaky sunroof can be annoying and even dangerous if water leaks inside the vehicle and makes its way onto you or your passengers. Rotten odors, mold, corrosion, electrical problems, condensation on windows, and moist carpets are just some of the problems that may result from water damage caused by a leaky sunroof. The accumulation of material, such as leaves and other debris, in the sunroof’s drainage tubes, is a common source of leaks. Keeping your sunroof in good working order necessitates regular inspection and cleaning of the drainage channels. If you suspect that the leak is due to anything other than clogged drainage, or if you are unable to remove the blockage yourself, you should have one of our professional automotive sunroof professionals have a look at your sunroof.

  • Broken Glass.

The tempered glass, used in sunroofs to prevent breakage, is a safety feature. However, there are situations in which your sunroof glass might fracture, such as a severe storm. Even though it doesn’t happen often, your sunroof may be damaged if a branch or other piece of debris were to fall and hit it. Imperium Auto Glass has experts who can safely remove any damaged glass from your sunroof and replace it with a brand-new automobile sunroof glass panel.

  • Problematic Sunroof.

Heavy silicone oil can be applied to the tracks of your sunroof if opening it is difficult or if it becomes stuck. You should lubricate the tracks regularly to keep your sunroof from becoming stuck and to make it easy to open over time. Sunroofs that won’t move may also have frayed or damaged wires. To fix your sunroof and repair any old or broken wiring, you need to call in a skilled auto sunroof repair service provider.