Increase Your Energy Levels and Productivity for Better Life

We are living in a time when stress and tension have become a part of our lives. Each and every day, we need to face a busy hectic schedule. Such a schedule combined with the stress of daily life, makes us completely drained out of all our physical and mental energy. We are often de-motivated and fail to accomplish the important tasks.

Having a Good Sleep is Important for Proper Functioning of MindHaving a Good Sleep is Important for Proper Functioning of Mind

Having a Good Sleep is Important for Proper Functioning of Mind

So, in order to have a better lifestyle, in which we are able to put our best in every sphere of life, it is important to be full of energy, both physically and mentally. Increased levels of energy would also give a boost to our productivity. Increased productivity would give us success in our work and other walks. Increasing energy and productivity calls for a healthy lifestyle and following certain healthy habits.

If you wish to increase your energy and productivity levels, follow these simple tips:

Break your strict schedule at times:

If you start feeling stressed out and anxious while carrying out a task, try to switch to a different task. It is better not to force yourself for working on a particular task simply because you have a predetermined schedule saying so. It is always better to come back to the task later, at a time when your attitude is comparatively more accepting towards the task. That would yield better results. Loosen the reigns of your tight schedule, and go for working on projects which are more appealing to you at the moment.

 Sleep in dark:

Light interrupts sleep, since light inhibits the secretion of melatonin and hence the biological clock is reset. Because of this, ensure that your bedroom has sufficient darkness so that you can have good sleep. Use a sleeping mask in case your bedroom is not dark enough. Having a solid sleep at night would dramatically increase your energy level, both physical and mental.

Include enough of brain food in your diet:

About 50%-60% of the overall weight of brain is pure fat. This fat acts as insulation to the brain for the billions of neurons in it. The better is the insulation to a cell, the faster it delivers the messages and speedier is your thinking. Hence, taking foods including healthy fats is important for productivity and energy. Go for dark, green and leafy vegetables, and fish like anchovies, mackerel and wild salmon. You can also take nutrition supplements offered by companies like THAIGER PHARMA. Getting the essential nutrients is vital for your brain to work properly.


Regular stretching has greater benefits than maintaining a healthy state of tendons and muscles. The arteries of the brain are also kept unclogged and open with regular stretching. Stretching maintains a good flow of oxygenated blood towards most of the vital organs of your body, which results in an increased vigor.

Meditation can Significantly Increase Productivity

Meditation can Significantly Increase Productivity

Maintain complete silence for one day in every month:

Maintaining silence is a good way of increasing your levels of productivity and energy. This is because our mind is working and the mind’s little voice never stops. Maintaining silence helps to calm the mind and give rest to it. A day of complete silence every month can really increase the efficiency of your mind and increase your productivity.


These suggestions would help you to increase your mental and physical energy, which would lead to a better lifestyle. Make sure you eat a well balanced and nutritious diet. Getting the essential nutrients is of utmost importance for your body and mind.

Summary: Increased levels of energy and productivity are important to have a more fulfilling life. It would allow you to put your best efforts into every work.