Individual Physiological Awareness is a Must in Personal Training

Fitness is something everyone desired to achieve. Since our physical body is greatly interconnected with our mental and emotional state, we aim to ensure a whole sound development. We all know exercise is one of the most important things to a healthy lifestyle. Some do jogging, running, lifting weights, aerobics and yoga. We always find these wellness conscious individuals in the gymnasiums or in any wellness centers. Some of them are doing some intense workouts to tone their muscles, lose weights, increase strength and speed, or some just wanted to improve their exercise habits towards better health. But maybe you have heard of some individuals complaining a lot regarding their continuous long-term intense exercise but with no or less physical improvement. Why is that so? It’s not the training that is lacking. In fact, it might be too much for the individual. Personal trainers in different wellness organization will help us find out about this matter.

Individual Physiological Awareness is a Must in Personal Training

What Personal Trainers Should Consider

First and foremost, personal trainers ensure that their trainees feel at ease inside before the training starts, for they believe it is the first step to be healthy. Of course, an individual will feel comfortable unless the environment is safe and private. Many personal trainers realized that the word ‘gymnasiums’ for some people are unapproachable or some look at it as intimidating. That is the reason why many wellness organizations established a one-to-one personal training program in order to guarantee getting of the desired results of an individual. They provide your very own gym where almost all the things you need are available. You can do trainings and exercise with your personal trainer and you can relax and request a massage if you want. Their main concern is to help you achieve your goals, either it is about losing or gaining weight, toning your muscles, shaping the body, or lowering high blood pressures.

In order to guarantee results, personal trainers do not only provide training programs, but they also provide detailed diet plans and food delivery, clinic and massage services. Assessments and evaluations are being done and recorded, and some trainings and plans are needed to be amended or maintained depending upon the development of an individual. These personal trainers have a deep understanding of the importance of individuality. They do believe that different individuals have different needs and so different training methods should be used as well. That is why there’s no best training method for everyone. This answers the concern stated above. It doesn’t mean this plan is effective to someone will also be effective for everyone. No. The reason why you have to take a comprehensive physiological examination before the start of training is because it is a MUST to be totally aware with regards to your body composition, body type, personal goals and motivational level which will be the basis of what training method should be applied and effective to you. Your history, eating habits, lifestyle, beliefs and philosophies are also considered, and which afterwards, your personal trainer will help you modify some of the bad habits and lifestyles, give you detailed instructions and supervisions, and motivate you in achieving your personal goals.

Look for Well-Known Personal Trainers

Some of the World’s Known Wellness Organizations that offer one-to-one training program are the New You Personal Fitness Training located in the Baggot Street Dublin City in Ireland, the Arizona’s Physical Fitness Training Together, and the D4 Personal Trainers, now called The Club of Blue Heron located in Montgomery Texas. They do consider the individual needs and goals, and help them achieve it.

Body Type Awareness is Important

The physiological state of the human body is the basis of the training effectivity. Body compositions which includes one’s weight, muscle mass, and fats are measured, and most importantly, the body types whether one is an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph.

According to certified personal trainers, the reason why some individuals find it hard to gain weight is because they belong in the class called ectomorph which is called the classic hard gainer. They have slim types of body but with tough muscles, and have a very active metabolism. It is not advised for them to do more workouts since this increase their active metabolic process. It’s not true that the more exercise and workouts executed, the better you get results. It’s not in this kind of body type. Ectomorphs need some long rests, eat more calories, supplements intake, and fewer workouts to gain weight easily.

On the other hand, the opposite of Ectomorph is the Endomorph. They have round body types and gains fat very fast and with slow metabolic rates. They need more intense workouts and healthy diet in order to lose weight.

The most desired body type is the naturally athletic body type which has a strong and large muscles and bones which is called Mesomorph. This body type according to the personal trainers finds it easy to gain and lose weight. But some have the mix of the types. So if you belong to any of this body types, you now probably understand why this training is effective while this is not.

These are some of the things we need to know before executing workouts and trainings. It’s not the trainings alone that matters for the successful wellness organizations, it’s the whole you to assist, motivate, and help you achieve personal goals.

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