Juicing for weight loss

Juices are the most wonderful diet in the world. Whenever we are tired, exhausted or weak juices are the only thing which gives us instant energy. So how sweet it would be to lose weight by taking only juices?

How does it work?

English: A glass of Orange juice. Esperanto: O...A person puts on weight when his input is more than the output. It means that the physical activity is less from his side. So the food gets converted to fat and stores in his body’s adipose tissue.

As the skin has the elastic property the person tends to grow fatter and fatter day by day. Now it becomes very difficult for him to lose these extra pounds which he has gained as it gets stored in the form of fatty layer.

The next difficulty is that he also eats everyday and adds more calories to his body. So the reserve is not at all used up. When you take juices your body slowly starts to use the reserves.

Any juice would not contain any sort of additional calories in it. It would contain all vitamins, minerals, glucose and other nutrients. So the calorific requirement would be satisfied by the reserve which is already stored in the body.

Which juices are best for dieting?

When I say juices, immediately some people may remember of milk shakes. But when you are juicing for weight loss then this would not be the choice. The best juice would be the one which is devoid of milk and sugar. Honey is also not required for juicing purpose.

All mild juices would be preferred here. Lemon honey water would be the best for weight loss. Grape juice, orange juice can also be given. Water melon is also preferred but its glycemic index is much higher as compared with other fruits. But juicing for weight loss would be the great idea where you can enjoy your weight loss regime.

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