Know about The Health Benefits of Yacon Syrup

People are more health conscious nowadays. They are demanding a good number of dishes which provides healthy nutrition with less calories. For such individuals the Yacon syrup gives a good answer. The Yacon syrup provides extraordinary benefits and it is one of a best alternative for all types of sweeteners which are available presently in the market.

The tuberous roots of the yacón plant (Smallan...

The tuberous roots of the yacón plant (Smallanthus sonchifolius) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The major carbohydrate or sugar molecule present in the Yacon syrup is a fructooligosaccharide (FOS). Hence it slowly gets digested and gradually gets released in the blood. Thus it doesn’t affect the blood sugar levels and good for the diabetic people. The major two benefits which the Yacon syrup holds with it are,

  • It will not affect the blood sugar level, and
  • It won’t upset or damage the gastrointestinal tract flora.

The Yacon syrup also has other important chemical constituents like inulin, glyconutrients, antioxidants, etc. Because of these ingredients only the Yacon syrup has several health benefits.

Some of the major health benefits which the Yacon syrup provides to the human community are as follows:

  • It increases the digestive function by stimulating the gastric cells to produce appropriate digestive enzymes and juices.
  • As the Yacon syrup contains good number calcium, it helps in effective building of the bones and teeth. Thus it is mainly good for the old age people whose got menopause and whose hormone levels in the body dropped down.
  • The Yacon syrup contains very less calories but provides good energy to the body for any type of activity. When doing proper exercise or strenuous physical activity along with regular consumption of Yacon syrup reduces the blood cholesterol effectively.
  • For people who want to reduce their excess weight can go for consuming the Yacon syrup along with their exercise regimen and diet reformation.
  • As the Yacon syrup is rich in natural antioxidants, regular consumption will surely prevent cardiac problems and also even helps in fighting against the cancer causing agents. is a site where you can get more information on Yacon syrup and its benefits offered.