Know the Natural Remedies to Cure Hives

Hives, known as Chronic Idiopathci Urticaria in medical terms, is an allergic reaction caused due to one or several allergens which may never be known and hence the disease is known as idiopathic.

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Many patients suffering from hives commonly use Antihistamine as a hives cure. However, taking antihistamine daily is not the solution to the problem. Non-sedating antihistamines like Zyrtec, Clarinex, Claritin and Allegra provide relief from acute symptoms of hives but they only offer temporary relief from those who are suffering from chronic hives. If you are a long-term sufferer of this skin condition, then you can consider opting for natural remedies and methods for hives treatment.

Firstly, it is important to increase dosage of Vitamin D. For those who do not know, the skin absorbs the Vitamin D through sun light. Dosage will vary depending on the severity of the condition and the individual’s medical history. To alleviate swelling, you can use ice packs or cold packs. If they have been taken out from the freezer, use a towel to wrap them before placing them on the affected area.

For many, calamine lotion has also helped to provide relief from the symptoms. Calamine lotion is effective in providing relief to those suffering from the common and smaller hives. For those who have deeper hives, calamine may not be as effective. Cats Claw is also an effective remedy. This is not an actual cat’s claw but a kind of a supplement derived from a specific kind of herb. It is effective in alleviating the swelling and speeding the relief.

When you experience a sudden attack of hives, you can use herbal teas which are an effective hives cure. You can easily substitute them for your normal tea or even coffee. Herbal teas are packed with natural antioxidants and thus help in providing relief. Green tea is quite effective to alleviate the inflammation. Sufferers of urticaria are also advised to increase intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin E oils, peanuts and even Aloe Vera gel is commonly used reducing hives symptoms. You can apply any of these liquids twice in a day to see the desired effect.

When you are looking for a natural remedy as a part of hives treatment, it is also important to maintain a diet sheet. Though this does not come under a natural hives remedy, it helps you in identifying particular allergens which may be triggering the chronic urticaria. It is quite simple to maintain a diet sheet. You only have to note down the drinks and foods you are consuming for a defined period of time and also note down when a chronic hives episode occurs. This will help you to see which food or beverage items that you have consumed in the past few days that have resulted in the attack.

Based on the food items that have triggered the attack, you can cut down one food or drink item at a time and see whether it is helping to decreasing the occurrence of urticaria attacks. While it is important to depend on natural remedies, one should also consult the doctor to find out what is causing the body to react so violently to certain allergens.