Learn How to Make Crepe

There are so many wild lovers available presently for the dish crepe. Yes! The crepe becomes a stable food for so many individuals nowadays. The crepe is basically a type of thin pancake which is made ready with the help of wheat flour. The word crepe is derived form the Latin word Crispa which means curled. The crepe’s origin place is Brittany which is region present in France.


Crepe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you are crossing any crepe restaurant or stall, your tongue starts to swim automatically in the saliva pond immediately because of highly attractive flavor and appearance of the crepe. The aroma of the crepe is the main thing which attracts most of the people towards it. The answer for the question how to make crepe is coming below.

To prepare the crepe, you need a crepe grill or crepe pan or if not get a large frying pan.

  • Prepare the crepe batter and it should be with the same consistency till you are going to pour in the pan.
  • Pour and spread the prepared crepe batter over the pan in a thin layer. In case if you are having a rabot for spreading the batter, then make use of it. Other wise lift the pan and tilt it around to get even spreading of the batter.
  • Then leave the pan in the hot stove and wait till the crepe gets cooked. When there is slight color change observed over the top of the crepe, then it is confirmed that the crepe got cooked.
  • Once both the sides of the crepe got cooked, then fold the crepe into half and then add the fruit salads or pieces above the half of the crepe.
  • Then drizzle the sugar syrup or chocolate syrup above the fruits salad and garnish further with the sugar powder.
  • Finally fold each sides of the crepe and form a triangle out of that and serve.
  • In case of extra decoration you can add still more powdered sugar and chocolate syrup along with cherry or berries on the top.