Objectives & Advantages of Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy

Cerebral palsy is a pathological condition which occurs due to damage of the brain tissue. The damage may occur either at the time of birth or before birth or during the conception or at the early period of life. Cerebral palsy is basically a neuromuscular disorder which mainly affects the ability of the brain to send signals to the muscles.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (Photo credit: MTSOfan)

This may lead to severe neuromuscular defects like hypertonia (increased stiffness), hypotonia (flaccid condition), dystonia (difficult to do any muscular action), athetosis (involuntary muscle movements), ataxia (uncoordinated movements), etc. Few more difficulties also will be experienced by the individual with cerebral palsy like learning difficulties, disturbances in the sensory functions like visual or hearing impairments, difficulties in concentration and attention abilities, etc.

Depends on the degree of brain damage in case of cerebral palsy the patient’s condition will be resembled in the physical and mental levels like from mild to severe grade.

The most popular treatment which is available readily and also acts effectively in treating as well as curing cerebral palsy is physiotherapy. The cerebral palsy physiotherapy mainly gives much relief to the patient’s complaints like involuntary tremors, sudden muscular twitching and stiffness. There are so many treatment modalities available in physiotherapy for treating cerebral palsy.

But among those several modalities very few give excellent relief and instant improvement in the patient’s health and condition. Some of the major and common cerebral palsy physiotherapy treatments provided at present worldwide is,

  • Muscle stimulation technique,
  • Spider therapy,
  • Therasuit,
  • Bobath therapy,
  • Passive stretching, etc.

The above mentioned treatments when implemented in proper combination at the right time makes wonders with the cerebral palsy condition and many got great improvement also. The main objective of these treatment modalities in case of cerebral palsy is to make the individuals to do all his/her works independently and also increase the general well being.

Along with these treatments the patient’s were also informed to use various additional suits and braces to keep their motor and sensory functional under control. Thus a complete and effective physiotherapy treatment will surely give total improvement in case of cerebral palsy without any doubts.