Raspberry Ketones – A Good Aroma Enhancer

There are so many chemicals available presently in the markets as additives and diet supplement like food enhancers, color enhancers, taste enhancers, flavor enhancers, bulking agents, coagulants, gelling agents, preservatives, etc.

A raspberry (Rubus idaeus). Italiano: Un lampo...

A raspberry (Rubus idaeus). Italiano: Un lampone (Rubus idaeus). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Likewise to increase the nutrients of the particular food also certain chemical compounds are available readily. Out of those some are good for usage and harmless, whereas some are good for usage but very dangerous for the human health. This we have to differentiate correctly and we should use or consume accordingly.

The Raspberry Ketones is one among such chemical compounds which is a natural phenolic compound as well as the primary compound available in the raspberries which increases the aroma of the fruit. The Raspberry Ketones are not only available in the raspberries but also in other fruits like crane berries and black berries.

Nowadays the Raspberry Ketones are extracted easily from the fruits and so that it can be used for enhancing the other fruits and artificial food substances. These Raspberry Ketones are mainly used nowadays to increase the flavor of the food items like ice-creams, colas, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.

One another property of Raspberry Ketones also discovered that it helps in reducing the fat from the muscles and tissues thereby helps in reducing the body weight. But the true fact is that this was discovered only with the laboratory animals but not with the human subjects. Hence the action of raspberry compounds against the body weight in humans is unknown still.

Till date with the laboratory animal experiments and discovery the Raspberry Ketones were highly effective in:

  • Speeding up the fat processing
  • Reducing the extra fat in the organs mainly from the liver

Thus using the Raspberry Ketones in the food items helps to increase the flavors and aroma without any adverse effects and unwanted harm.