Rules and Regulations of a Holistic Dentist

Alternative and natural methods were replaced with modern solutions with the introduction of conventional medicine because it could provide quicker results. However, the masses underwent a change in heart when they discovered that the materials and ingredients that were an essential part of conventional medicine had a lot of side effects associated with them. Instead, people went back to using natural and alternative methods for dealing with their problems and were able to reap a lot of benefits. The field of dentistry also saw the same cycle as it has become the preference of individuals to go to a dentist who practices a natural approach as compared to a traditional dentist.

Holistic Dentist

The tenets of conventional dentistry are very risky when compared with the safe and healthy ones of holistic dentistry. As individuals become more health and self-conscious, there is a rise in popularity of holistic dentistry and individuals would rather go to a holistic dentist for getting healthy treatment. These dentists are able to render dental care to their patients with the use of safe and non-toxic restorative dental ingredients. It is the belief of these dentists that the whole body will be put at risk because of some dental issue. They say that there are long term consequences when invasive procedures like root canals are performed or when allergy producing or toxic materials are utilized.

The principles of holistic dentistry dictate that there is a connection between specific meridians, vertebrae levels and organs in the body and the tooth sites. This fact has to be taken into account because an action performed on the tooth site can have an impact on different parts of the body. In addition, holistic dentistry also condemns the use of drugs during the treatment process. They may be beneficial in the short term, but can have disastrous consequences in the long run. When a holistic dentist is performing dental care, they prefer to use bio-compatible and non-toxic materials for achieving the same goal. This will not only benefit oral health, but also the whole body.

Various areas of concern have to be addressed by biological dentists when they wish to provide effective and complete treatment to their patients. Brighton Dental Invisalign is a clinic that has earned a good name in San Diego for providing the exemplary holistic dentistry treatments. They do not use any harsh chemicals in their treatment like fluoride or mercury and neither do they perform any invasive and painful procedures like root canals, crowns and dentures. If there is no other alternative and these treatments are the only solution, biological dentists will ensure that natural and safe materials are used and that the procedures themselves are as painless as possible.

No drugs are used for relieving any pain or stress that patients might be experiencing during treatment. There are natural and alternative therapies such as massage, reflexology and acupuncture that are just as effective as any drug for accomplishing the same goal. They do not have any side effects, which is definitely an advantage. Moreover, they promote overall body health of the patients. Thus, a holistic dentist will put the health of their patients before everything and provide them with the right treatment.

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