Simple Method to Perform a Squat

There are so many exercises available for strengthening each and every muscle in the body. For strengthening the thighs and butts muscles or to reduce the excessive fat accumulation from the thighs and butts muscles there are very few major exercises only available. Among those few exercises the squats ranks in first position because it is that much effective as well as an easy exercise to perform.


There are many forms and variation available in the squats itself like,

  • Simple squats
  • Resistance squats
  • Weight bearing squats, etc

So many people still have a question with them that how to squat. To perform a simple and effective squat exercises, try to follow the forthcoming procedure correctly and proceed as per that.

  • Stand erect and keep your own shoulder distance between your both legs
  • Place your both feet flat and firm on the ground with the toes pointing outwards
  • Keep your body relaxed and tries to push your shoulders back to form an erect and good posture
  • Have few rounds of normal inhalation and exhalation and try to have deep breathing throughout the practice
  • Now tight your abdominal muscles completely so that your tummy should be drawn inside as much as possible
  • Keep your hands erect with the elbows straight in front of your body at the shoulder level so that the hands will be perpendicular to your body
  • If you want to increase more resistance in the squats practice then you can go for holding the barbells or dumbbells in your hands
  • Just bend you body and go for sitting motion but try avoiding sitting completely. Only you have to bend half way and have to do sit ups
  • Hold the position for few seconds and observe the changes happening in your body during that seconds of maintenance and then return back to normal position
  • Try to repeat this procedure for as much as times possible for you and then relax completely