Pasqualino Mazza Warns About the Health Risks of 5G

The 5G network is now active in some of the cities of the United Kingdom and this has led to several questions about the health risks of 5G.

How is 5G different?

Health Risks Of 5G

In comparison to the previous cell phone technologies, 5G network works on signals transmitted by radio waves- transmitted between an antenna and your phone.

People are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation all the time, right from TV to radio signals and other sets of technologies involving smartphones, etc.

5G makes use of higher frequency waves in comparison to the previous mobile networks helping the devices to access the internet at a faster speed.

These waves move through urban areas in a shorter distance, hence 5G networks need more transmitter masts in comparison to the past technologies which have to be placed closer to ground level.

So, small cell towers will be installed closer to houses all over the city. Some of these antennae may be installed directly outside your window which will prove hazardous in the near future and pose health risks to families.

Major health concerns

According to Pasqualino Mazza, there are a number of health risks involved with electromagnetic radiations, some may include specific types of cancer.

WHO in collaboration with International Agency for Research on Cancer has stated that radiofrequency radiations may be carcinogenic?

It is often stated that the study of the exposure cannot be compared to the direct exposure which human beings experience while using a smartphone. Heavy users of mobile phones have increased cancer risks.

There is a group of scientists who want that 5G rollout to be stopped and they have written to the EU.

Another professor stated that evidence is clear that cell phone radiations are hazardous. And it may cause medical threats from cancer to depression to infertility. If the 5G deployment isn’t stopped, then society will have a tough time maintaining its survival.

In Nov2018, during 5G testing in Netherland, the mysterious death of 300 birds was noticed. Post that event, a lot of activities have tried to suppress the release of 5G.

Radio waves are non-ionizing

The radio waveband is non-ionizing. In simple terms, it means it doesn’t have the energy to surpass DNA, thereby causing cellular damage.

The more the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher is the health risks from exposure. The UV rays of the sun fall in this same category and may cause skin cancers.

The higher energy radiation level may cause damaging effects on the human body.

Limits to exposure

However, as per the UK government, there will be a slight rise in the overall exposure to radio waves when 5G is added to the present network.

Even the ICNIRP stated that the non-ionizing electromagnetic spectrum band and the frequency range of 5G signals are harmful.

The 5G exposure has been studied deeply and even with the restrictions set, it has shown to cause harm to humans.

As per the WHO, the electromagnetic frequency exposures below the limit stated by the ICNIRP may not cause any damaging effects on health.