The Mashup Workout Video That Promises to be Different

Looking for an easier way to Workout? While most of us have tried one workout video or the other, it has been without success. This Mashup Video Workout system, a project on Indiegogo that is up for funding, promises to be different.

Mashup now wants to take their fitness program to the next level and are looking for funds. The three new digital projects that they need funding for include being able to film new videos for their fitness app and have an exclusive online portal for coaches. The company also aims to build an online coach certification program with the funding.


Mashup, a popular name among fitness enthusiasts by now, aims to reward those who’re funding in as well. So, if you decide to fund in for $15, you will receive aMASHUP™ wrist sweatband and a digital custom workout playlist. You can contribute from as less as $1 and there are goodies for all those who are contributing.

What seems to work for Mashup is that they have a scientific approach to things, and help users achieve wellness in a structured manner. Mashup, as you would know, offers a Variable Intensity Interval Training program that lets users achieve a complete well being of their body. This means that the program doesn’t just focus on physical health but on mind and body health as well. It aims to increase awareness among individuals while making them more agile and increasing their strength. The program also aims to lessen injuries and provide the core body strength one needs to function properly.

In fact, Mashup states that users will be able to witness increased metabolic rates for as many as 48 hours after the workout. The workout plan also helps combat aging effects and stimulates the production of the human growth hormone. Add to it the fact that it helps promote weight loss too and offer optimum wellness. Users have to take exercises that span around 15 minutes of 30 and 45 minutes.

This project funding on Indiegogo can be a super deal for all fitness freaks who have used Mashups before or are looking to try something really good.

You can support this project and join them at: