Three Secrets to Maintain Weight Loss Results

Exercise and weight loss have been found to be very effective methods of weight loss in San Diego that produce permanent results; apart from diet and exercises, there are a few other lifestyle changes that can help someone to lose weight well and maintain the results. If you are going to improve your weight loss results, you need to incorporate the following tips into your exercise and diet plans.


Reduce soda consumption: There are many people who will faithfully attend a health center San Diego for advice on weight loss but they continue taking foods and drinks that undo all their efforts. Sodas, whether the sugary type or the diet type can easily derail your weight loss in San Diego program; the artificial sweeteners that are used in diet soda can easily stimulate your appetite and increase your urge to take a snack. Limiting soda consumption and replacing it with non-sweetened drinks like peppermint tea, green tea or black tea will keep your weight loss plans on track.

Snack on fruits, vegetables, and nuts: The next time you go shopping, ensure that you load up your trolley in fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Fruits and vegetables are well known for their contribution to weight loss in San Diego programs. Nuts, on the other hand, are loaded with proteins and healthy fats and with only a small amount of nuts you can easily impact your appetite positively. Research shows that eating only a small amount of nuts reduces the urge to snack and reduce the daily consumption of calories.

Ignore your inner critic: You know the inner critic, the voice that berates you each time you experience a diet slip and it completely ruins your motivation to follow through the medically assisted weight loss program. Instead of allowing yourself to listen to stern lectures from your inner critic every time you skip and exercise session, indulge in your favorite ice cream or when you discover that the numbers on the scale are not moving, simply give yourself a short break. Give your inner motivator more attention than the inner critic-you know the positive voice that keeps you going and helps you to resist any temptations while encouraging you to try again and again.

Eat a protein rich breakfast: A big breakfast that is rich in protein is the best way to avoid snack attacks and also cut on the amount of food that you will need during lunch and dinner. You may want to incorporate healthy proteins into your morning routine by including some eggs, extra-lean ham. For vegetarians and vegans undertaking weight loss in San Diego, it may be a good thing to include rich protein sources such as tofu, peanuts butter, nuts and oat bran.