Water Ionizer as Per Individual Needs

Drinking alkaline ionized water is one of the best ways to replenish your body with water. Instead of buying alkaline ionized water from the market, which can be really expensive, you can install a domestic alkaline water ionizer. AirWaterLife is one such alkaline water ionizer that comes to domestic use.

The various alkaline water ionizers available in the market come in various price range and styles. You can choose as per your tastes and budget. The water ionizers can be adjusted to a required pH level of the water to fit your requirement. The usual recommended pH level is between 9.0 and 9.5 for drinking water.

At this level, the alkaline ionized water can be perfectly used for making nutritional shakes. You should completely avoid taking Niacin with alkaline ionized water as that can result in an undesirable flush. On increasing the pH level to 10.0 or higher, it becomes absolutely great for making soup, tea, and coffee. Also, this level of pH is normal for soaking fruits and vegetables.

When you soak fruits in alkaline ionized water, it enhances its taste. You will get a sweeter taste of your fruit than normal. It helps in removing a lot of sourness from fruits. AirWaterLife is a well known brand in the market for alkaline water.

While shopping round for alkaline water ionizer, you can either choose the faucet-style ionizer or those that fits under the kitchen sink. If your kitchen is overloaded with appliances, then you would surely prefer going for the faucet style water ionizer. AirWaterLife has faucet style water ionizer.

The primary thing that you need to consider while installing an under the counter water ionizer is where the electricity will come from. You can either use a pre-installed electric outlet for operating your ionizer or get an electrician to install an altogether new outlet. AirWaterLife has under the counter water ionizers too.

The under counter water ionizers are a little expensive to other types. Also, they are more difficult to set up unless there is already a hole present to function as soap dispenser. The biggest advantage with under counter water ionizers is that they consume a lot lesser space.

Majority of the under the counter water ionizers have a number of hoses that you need to connect. Whether you can do it yourself or you need a professional is completely up to you as it’s your money and you have to decide accordingly.

No matter whichever water ionizer you go for, all of them will perform the basic task of purification and filtration. This is completely regardless of the brand, model, price, and design. The major difference that you will find in various ranges of water ionizers is that they have 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 11 ionization plates. This has a direct bearing on the pH ranges and flow rate. With the 5 and 7 plate machines, the maximum pH and ORP ranges can be accomplished. You can check out the alkaline water ionizers of AirWaterLife. Drink alkaline water for enjoying a better quality of life and an improved health standard.