What to Consider When Selecting Cell Phone Radiation Protection

The cell phone health warning debate is almost over. And the message is clear, do not hold your cell phone next to your body. Even cell phone manufacturers no longer hide this fact with warnings published in user manual. In the iPhone’s OS, you can also read the same warning. (Settings, General, About, Legal, RF Exposure).

Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Cases are an excellent way to reduce the risks. But let the buyer beware. Not all suppliers seem to know what they are doing when it comes to providing radiation protection.

The Best: Flip cover cases are the best engineered design at this time to block harmful radiation directed out of the phone of the phone towards the brain. These cases are constructed with shielding material that block the cell phone radio signals. We found Cruz Cases (www.CruzCases.com) offers one of the best solution with a quality constructed case with very effective radiation and RFID blocking. Cruz Cases also offer a Universal case that fits over 22 different cell phones all offered at a reasonable price.

A big Thumbs up for Cruz Cases.

The Worst: Back mounted phone cases cannot block the radiation transmitted out of the front of the phone. Cases like Pong Cases (www.Pongcases.com) is designed to protect the hand from radiation. There is no protection out of the front of the phone towards the head and body which we feel is critical when protecting the soft tissues of the body. And more of a concern, radiation constructed phone cases like Pong Cases may reflect back the radiation transmitted out the back of the phone increasing the exposure towards the brain and body. We give Pong Cases a Thumbs down.

Not Even: Suppliers offering crystal laces, stickers and skin patches do not block the microwave signals which would be ultimately absorbed by the body. We give these options a smack down.

In Summary stay away from the back mounted cases and stickers. Look for the sleek flip cover case solution for the best protection. Also stay away from cheap radiation cases using poor quality shielding material in the construction of the case.