You need Nutrisystem if you’re one of these people

You’ve starved yourself. You’ve read food labels to minimize calories, carbs, fats, and whatnot. You’ve cut portions from your food that made you feel hungry all the time. You lost some weight but gained it back and more.

You hate the word “diet” for it has not done anything positive for you. You’ve drunk meal replacement meals that only bloated your tummy. Yet, the weight is still there, taunting you.

You’ve given up or still feel that fairy tales come true; that there’s a happy ending for everyone. You feel a flicker of interest when you come across a Nutrisystem advertisement promising weight loss in a month’s time. Too good to be true or maybe this is just the answer for your needs?

Find out if you’re one of the people that need Nutrisystem in their life.

You can’t afford an expensive diet program

Contrary to what you hear, Nutrisystem is not a pricey diet program. The Basic Plan is the least expensive with meals costing $10 per day. Signing up for the Basic gives you meal plans for 4 weeks shipped FREE directly to your door. Is this too expensive for you? Not so, based on a published study in Family Medicine in 2010 that found out buying foods that are packed with nutrition could cost around $13.75 per day. This only covers the cost, not the preparation and cooking of meals. With Nutrisystem, you get all prepackaged foods delivered to your doorstep for a lesser price.

You don’t want to miss out on your favorite foods

Who says you have to? Not Nutrisystem as it gives you the chance to indulge in your favorite meals while losing weight too! What do you yearn for most? Pizza, ice cream, meatloaf sandwich or pasta the foods you can’t live without? No worries for Nutrisystem allow them in your diet. The only differences the nutritional values and the food portions. Seriously? Yes, Nutrisystem includes all-time favorites because the company believes that a diet should not also be about deprivation. Deprivation has been shown to be the top reason for people to fall off their diets. Binge eating happens when the individual feels he or she has been deprived enough. Giving in to the demands of their dieters has made Nutrisystem one of the diet innovators today.

You only need to lose some or you need to lose a hundred

It does not matter if you only need to lose 15 pounds or a hundred or more for Nutrisystem has you covered. Nutrisystem diet programs are guaranteed to work regardless of age, weight, gender, and social status. Success stories about people losing more than a hundred pounds or as little as 20 pounds can be read on Nutrisystem’s official website. Nutrisystem has been in the diet business for more than 40 years which says a lot about the success of the company.

You don’t know to cook

The matchless convenience of prepackaged meals from Nutrisystem would be like having your own personal chef. All you have to do to eat those delightful entrees is to heat them up and you’re on. The journal Obesity published a study a year ago showing people losing more body fat and weight on prepackaged meals. Their cholesterol levels were further enhanced with the prepackaged meals compared to people who cooked their own food. Dieters on the prepackaged food plans felt less hungry than people who planned and cooked their meals.

You don’t plan on giving up on fats and carbs

That’s great because Nutrisystem would not want you to give up on them too. There is no such thing as “forbidden foods” with the Nutrisystem diet. It’s because the company has seen the food cravings dieters feel for foods that are forbidden. Nutrisystem only wants you to be sensible about the food portions consumed that can easily be incorporated into a healthy diet that takes off the weight.

You want to stay slim all your life

In a perfect world, we all have no weight problems. However, the reality is far from wishful thinking. Almost all dieters gain some of the weight back as soon as they are done with a 28-day Nutrisystem diet plan. That is the usual scenario that frustrates a lot of dieters.

Nutrisystem listened to the complaints and came up with another innovative program called the Nutrisystem Success transition program. Choosing this plan means the option to have all your favorite Nutrisystem meals while being gradually weaned with the flex snacks and meals. The flex program for beginners involves freedom of meal choices for weekends only. Cheating can be avoided by calling in for timely suggestions and advice from certified nutritionists and dietitians. Recipes for healthy food preparations are available with Nutrisystem official website or The Leaf.

Bottom line

Going on a diet is a tough decision almost all of us face at one time or another. Becoming successful on a particular diet does not come easy but through a lot of trial and error.

Nutrisystem offers a foolproof diet that does not have you jumping from one diet to another. The promise of weight loss has always been with Nutrisystem and their success for the past 40 years and counting means they deliver.