Is 18 SHAKE A Good Meal Replacement?

Dietary supplements have existed for many decades, but it used to not catch the attention of many. Diet products are commonly associated with food that is nutritious but tasteless, and people usually opt for flavor. Why would you want to deprive yourself of the full experience food has to offer?

Lately, this notion has slowly been transformed into one that favors these products. As people become more conscious about their bodies, diet supplements like pills, shakes and juices have come to be known not only for their health benefits but also their variety of flavors and packaging. Now, people are choosing to live healthy, and dietary supplements are the most effective way to go.

As far as diet products are concerned, 18 Shake is one of the well-known brands in the market today.  Let’s see why people are talking about it, it’s positives and negatives via reviews, and what makes it popular compared to its counterparts.


For starters, 18 Shake is a luxury meal replacement containing whey protein isolates, vitamins, minerals and Fibersol-2. It comes in individual packets that make it easy to use and carry whenever traveling. Manufacturers advise to use it twice a day, replacing two meals, preferably breakfast and lunch, to have the most optimal weight loss.

18 Shake is made and distributed by 18 Nutrition, a company that manufactures products for the health-conscious individual. They allow purchase through their website and other authorized retailers.

It comes in two choice flavors, vanilla and choco,, and is certainly gaining a lot of positive feedback from users since it is easy to take in. Some recommend it as one of the best tasting shake supplements out in the market.


18 Nutrition is offering a money-back guarantee for 18 Shake purchasers, but there’s a catch: it’s not the exact guarantee you might expect.

Reviewers say that while it is true that the company gives your money back if you are unhappy with the product, it is quite important to read the fine print before buying.

Their return policy is a bit ambiguous, one buyer states. You need to count the 30-day period starting from the time you ordered it through the website. This is quite contrary to the guarantee other products offer, which counts from the time you receive the product. If there is a delay in the shipment of your order, there is nothing that would reset the return period. Once you agree to buy and pay for it, the money-back guarantee stays as is no matter the situation.

Some users are not bothered by this, though. They were able to return products with no hassle because they read the details before buying, which is of course the best thing to do when purchasing online.


In any product, there is always the positive and negative when it comes to feedback, and we shall look into them closely.

A lot of the testimonials detail users who have had weight loss after using 18 Shake. They claim to have lost the few extra inches and people have noticed the difference after their shake diet. There are a lot of recommendations to use the product because of the significant amount of weight the users have lost. 18 Shake advocates are posting their transformation pictures that prove their claims. There are also some who share recipes that go well with the product, to ensure a better weight loss regimen for the new 18 Shake user.

There are buyers who approve of the affordable shipping costs. At less than $5 per shipping, 18 Shake is a great buy.

Other 18 Shake consumers gave compliments to the taste, saying that it is one of the most flavorful diet shakes today. It can be taken solo, or mixed with a combination of almond milk and berries for a heartier and flavorful breakfast.

However, some reviews are saying that the product is somewhat expensive, causing them to use only one packet per day instead of the recommended twice daily. This causes some of the unpleasant reviews 18 Shake has received so far.

While the bad always exists with the good, it is important to note that 18 Shake, like any other supplement, must be taken willingly; otherwise, cynicism can affect the effectiveness of the product.


As of the moment, 18 Nutrition has not posted any scientific study or research conducted to prove the weight loss claims of 18 Shake. As a meal replacement shake, it has the essential nutrients to enable a consumer to reduce their actual food intake. The packaging lists the solid ingredients that are standard in a supplement, but there are no specific trials that test the effectiveness of 18 Shake.

However, this lack in clinical evidence should not deter anyone from purchasing the product. The label clearly indicates the ingredients and nutrients included in the formulation. It’s a big plus for consumers, because information is your best ally in choosing the right products that will benefit you.


18 Shake does work as an effective meal replacement, since it has all the necessary ingredients, including the Fibersol-2 that supplements the amount of fiber in the body, making you feel fuller for longer and also aids in digestion.

Its cost and money back guarantee may not be the ideal for a diet supplement, but if you really consider the positive reviews of the consumers, then 18 Shake is a viable healthy option. It is ultimately up to the buyer to decide whether this product coincides with their diet product checklist.

Before buying, make sure to check the label. This is your first line of defense against unwanted ingredients or side effects. So far, 18 Shake has no reported side effects and has natural content, so it should be safe to take. The best way to treat this product is as a supplement to your healthy lifestyle and physical activities, to ensure optimal weight loss.