Oxytocin Benefits: Its Not Just A Love Hormone

Science has already proved there may be more to the attraction puzzle than we ever thought. The very real “chemistry” that creates attraction for another human being.

It is love that makes the world go round, spreading the language of the heart and keeps the bond tied between two souls, the bond of emotions laced with smiles and tears, joy and sorrow only to lead us to a better future.

Oxytocin is a special hormone in your body that helps in creating the lovely feeling of falling in love.

This hormone is also referred to as a hormone intended to help you forget yourself and let you fall in love and act as a psychological buffer.

Now the beneficial aspect of this hormone is that both men and women are wired to experience and enjoy the benefits of oxytocin surge.

With this hormone you get to enjoy close moments of bonding with your loved one.

Oxytocin helps in generating strong bond of love and affection between romantic partners. It is also believed that couple can experience a strong surge of oxytocin while love making or even during orgasm.

At times a gentle word or a touch from your partner can drive Oxytocin and increase its levels up letting partners enhance and identify their love, lust and affection for your partner.

Other than indulging and increasing bonding between partners, oxytocin love hormone also helps in preventing or curing the following troubles in an individual. Not only the below few, oxytocin is known to heal many other issues in human and can be utilized in various ways.

Cure for autism: Oxytocin hormones helps in providing effective treatment for autism. Autism is related to genomic deletion and administration of oxytocin has been proven to cure autism in kids. However, it is not recommended using oxytocin without consultation.

Reduce fear in an individual: Nasally administered oxytocin has been tested and proven to reduce fear in individual. Other than fear, oxytocin hormones has also helped in reducing envy and other negative emotion in an individual and changing the person to a positive and loving person always.

Romantic attachment: Oxytocin is directly related to romantic attachment between a male and female. If a couple has been separated for a long time, then there are chances of increased anxiety and misunderstanding between the couple. Administering oxytocin helps in reducing or decreasing such kind of stress between couple.

It is never too late or quick to fall in love you just need to follow certain aspects in your love life to lead it happily without any compromises. You will feel awesome when you fall in love and this feeling of love will give you the power to understand and face all the difficult situation you may fall in future in your relationship.

So why not take the help of these oxytocin hormones to heal your body and make a difference in your living.