The Personal T- An App for the Disabled

Health apps are on the rise today, with smart phones being able to do a lot more than what they could yesterday. You could monitor your heart rate, the number of steps you’ve walked a day and even the number of stairs or floors you’ve climbed. With gyroscope and a number of other sensors in pretty much all decently priced smart phones, we all need mHealth apps that could explore a smart phones’ true potential.

personal t

And when it comes to Kickstarter, it has some pretty interesting projects out there for funding. The Personal T is one. The app’s idea came to oneDavid J. Corniciuc who had suffered from phybromyalgia putting him on disability for nearly a year.

Now, he wants other kids who’ve suffered from the disease and those on disability to not suffer as much. The Personal T is a project that aims to make a difference in the lives of all those who’ve been disabled and cannot function normally.

How much does the project need?

The project needs as much as $100,000 to be able to kick off, and has the need for different printing equipment and business desktop. It also needs a company vehicle and professional website and marketing services, which David states will hike up the budget.

How will the project help?

As an app, The Personal T will help users design their own shirts and other fashion wear. The custom tshirts will then be printed by the company and then sent to the user for a purchase price. The shirts can also be sent to disabled children who really need it, and will go a long way in inspiring them. And while the project is not exactly clear as to how David will help, it states that his desire is to help all those affected by the disability with the help of local schools, youth groups and sports team to help them dream again and live their life.