What Exactly Are Steroids?

Steroids have been around for over 50 years, the most popular ones are synthetically produced chemicals called Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, which develop and improve muscle mass at a much fast rate than normal exercise would. However, once we started to realize the negative effects of using steroids, we began to restrict the allowed usage of them and this began in the seventies. Nowadays, steroids aren’t legal in athletic competitions anymore; the side effects of steroid usage far outweigh the benefits that can be gained from them. They are seen evil, poisonous substances, and are athletes who use them can get themselves into some serious trouble.


 Why do steroids work?

Anabolic steroids are chemically created in order to resemble and replicate natural testosterone chemicals within the body, and therefore promote the buildup of muscle tissues within the user. Steroid users typically gain strength and muscle much faster than normal, and will also feel as though they have much more energy when working out. This creates a sort of cycle of usage, as the person will feel more energy, exercise more, gain more, and therefore gain much more muscle mass, encouraging them to use more and this cycle is highly addictive due to seeing fast results.

 Uses of steroids today

Use of steroids is now more limited to medical purposes. Topical creams for skin irritations such as eczema can produce incredible progression in the treatment of the condition, as well as some tablet forms of steroids when treating muscle-wasting diseases. Steroids can have profound effects in the field of medicine, but these treatments are carefully monitored so as not to produce adverse effects through the use of synthetic steroids. You can check out for steroids at steroidscanada.ca.

So, what are the side effects of improper use?  

Common side effects that develop are things such as hair loss, alteration of testosterone levels, cholesterol issues and high blood pressure. Much more dangerous consequences of steroid use are different forms of cancers, organ disease, and even organ failure. The stigma attached to steroids, that they can be highly poisonous and dangerous is true; and for these reasons, steroid use is prohibited in sporting events and most is now illegal in many countries.

Are there still ways of maximizing our muscle gain?

There are some foods that are actually seen as natural steroids’. What this means is that they are a high source of protein, and support and accelerate the natural production of muscle tissues, without sacrificing the rest of the body in order to do so. Steroids are natural hormones which are found in the foods such as spinach, quinoa, eggs and oats. They contain high protein levels and, if used in combination with a healthy diet, exercise, and strength training, these foods can be sure to promote steady and healthy muscle growth.

Are steroids still available?

In some countries, yes, steroids are still available; but before using those beginners should be highly aware that they are serious drugs. Many use steroids in order to lose fat and gain muscle fast, but they should not be used excessively in order to remove as much risk as possible. If you feel that you want to look into using some available products, make sure that you research into it very carefully and consult with a physician to make sure you know exactly what is right for you, and what your options are.