8 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally from Small Adjustments

Weight loss doesn’t need to be a grind, and you don’t need to turn your world upside down to get on the road to losing weight. Just some small steps and small adjustments can kick-start natural weight loss.

  1. Sleeping a little bit earlier

Inadequate or irregular sleeping patterns can have a surprisingly significant impact on weight gain. This is not just a case of you looking like you are carrying a couple of suitcases under your eyes but more about the hormonal imbalance that helps to regulate the gut and insulin levels. People who are deprived of enough sleep tend to overeat to compensate to increase energy levels. Try to get an extra 30-60 minutes sleep a day. However, at the same time ensure you eat your last meals 30-60 minutes earlier too.

  1. Food on the go or to the door must be reduced

Not only can you be healthier but you’ll also save money if you lower your weekly intake of delivery food, microwave meals or convenience snacks.  There are plenty of recipes available to you on the internet that takes only 15 minutes of prep time and around 10 minutes of cooking, even quicker than food delivery.  Also look for slow cook weight loss recipes, something you can put on and do other things and come back to, so as not to interfere with your schedule leading you to slip into high calorie, sugar and fat quick meals.

  1. Every week add JUST one clean recipe in your diet

Once you start with one clean meal soon that will turn into two and then three.  The main focus is to ensure the food is not bland as that will push you back into bad habits again.  You have to realise there are plenty of tasty options that don’t require sugar or fat to taste good. As an example, slow-cooked broccoli and cheddar soup with brown granary bread or even a slow-cooked chilli-con-carne made with lean meat using a dash of olive oil instead of traditional oils and brown rice or granary bread.  So you can eat tasty meals without the calories.

This is about building healthy habits, as we all know habits catch on, let’s make sure it’s not bad ones that’s all.

  1. Get rid of the munchies, stay hydrated

Increasing your fluid intake is one way of staving off those inconvenient urges between meals to snack.  When we say liquid we are not talking about sodas, coffees or energy drinks, we are talking water.

Water helps to suppress your appetite and stop the urge to snack. If you find water too boring, squeeze and add some fresh orange or lemon or lime, so it has some flavour.

  1. Don’t be scared to keep snacking

Eating big meals two to three times a day is a very unhealthy trait and leads to almost guaranteed weight gain.  Keep your metabolism working all day (which burns fat as the body is expending energy) and your blood sugar levels steady with simple snacks.  Raw carrots or celery in a healthy non-fat dip is a great way to keep things moving along.

  1. Identify and compromise

A proactive way to battle your inner demons is to come to a deal.  Take something that’s in the cupboard that you identify as unhealthy and compromise. For example, tortilla chips and a sour cream dipping sauce, there’s plenty of fat, sugar and calories right there.  How about low-fat tortilla chips and swap the dip for non-fat Greek yoghurt, it’s about balance and compromising but not feeling like your world is being turned upside down, over time it will be the norm.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Your metabolism will slow down if you skip-over breakfast, which can then lead to overeating later in the day.  Make sure the body gets proper nutrients in the morning to set it up for the rest of the day, especially healthy fats. So eggs are a go to, avocado and fruit are also a good choice and whole grains. Avoid cereals they are usually full of sugar.

  1. Reducing refined sugar across the board

There are many forms of sugar, some are healthy and do not threaten weight gain, but refined sugar is the devil in the diet and the primary source of weight gain, look for natural sweetness in your foods and drinks, honey, fruits and plant-derived sugars contain almost zero calories. Remember manufacturers are very smart with their labelling, they have over 50 different names for sugar, beware.


The battle with weight loss is as much a battle of the mind as anything else.  Small incremental adjustments over time will have a significant effect.  You don’t need to turn your life upside down and be hitting the road for a five-kilometre run in the cold in the morning to lose weight, these tips and plenty more can start to show benefits. As Naturopathy is becoming more prevalent in society, look for information about your local Naturopath as they are experts in weight-loss and nutritionists in their own right. Once you see it working, a healthy habit is just as strong as an unhealthy one.  Good luck.