A Brief Guide on Understanding the Various Varieties of Teas

Tea is one of the favorite beverages that are loved by people all over the world. There are innumerable tea manufacturers, who sell different types of products that have a unique taste. With so many varieties, you are bound to be confused in choosing a flavored tea that will best match your taste. There are mainly six types of teas namely green tea, black, white, yellow, oolong, and pu-era.

English: Tea of different fermentation: From l...

English: Tea of different fermentation: From left to right: Green tea (Bancha from Japan), Yellow tea (Kekecha from China), Oolong tea (Kwai flower from China) and Black tea (Assam Sonipur Bio FOP from India) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The tastes of all of them are distinct from each other, as they are extracted from different tea plants. They are processed in a certain manner, so that the drinkers can enjoy their taste.

The leaves are specially handpicked or plucked, and are properly sorted and cleaned. Then they are dried and processed, before packing them in specific bags.

The size of the tea leaves and climate mainly impact the quality of the end product. The other factors that improve its taste are types of soil, moisture content, the month when they are harvested, and others.

These leaves are specially oxidized, which makes it tastier. White, green, and yellow tea is less oxidized, when compared to black and pu-erh. They both are completely oxidized. The manufacturer opts for an advanced mechanism for oxidizing process.

Main Types of Tea:

Black Tea:

They are mainly categorized into two – whole leaf and broken leaves. Through a special process these leaves are oxidized, which makes it distinct from others. The leaves are graded using a special wire mesh screen that processes them. They are later crushed into different sizes as preferred. The smallest particles are called as dust or fanning. They are mainly broken into thick or larger particles. Once processed, they are finely packed into tea bags and blends.

Green Tea:

It is one of the most preferred tea bags that are enjoyed by many all over the globe. They are specially graded and have more than 3,000 styles that are found in China alone. It is not easy to remember the names of each one of them, but they are all quite tasty. The flavor varies from one country to the other.

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White Tea:

White tea is not manufactured by many countries. China, Sri Lanka, and others are the places where you can taste them. It tastes much different than the normal ones.

Oolong Tea:

They are mainly found in countries like China and Taiwan. These countries are naturally blessed with soil and thus have perfect conditions for its growth. The procedure to process them is time consuming and is available in different flavors and styles. They are available in sweet and light taste.

Yellow Tea:

Not many have heard about yellow tea. It is exclusively manufactured in China and is made in limited quantity. So if you are lucky, then you might enjoy tasting it. With extra processing, it has a unique taste.

Pu-erh Tea:

They are available in two different types which are Shou pu-erh and Sheng pu-erh. The later one is produced through an old method. You will find loose leaves that are compressed into cakes, which is called as beeng cha. Sheng pu-erh on the other hand, is produced in a unique manner. Firstly they are compressed into beeng cha and then formed into different shapes. Later they are stored at room temperature for about 10-15 years, and sometimes even more.

Packaging of teas:

Nowadays, the tea bags are available in attractive styles. All of them are specially packed, so that it can retain the taste and freshness of the content for a longer period. Tea manufacturers today, pay special attention to the packaging and use round pods, foil tubes, and transparent gauze pyramids.

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