A Thyroid Cancer Campaign on Kickstarter That is Also About Crafts

Thyroid cancer is a condition that doesn’t get as much attention as other sorts of cancer, even though it is a type of cancer that a lot of people get. This Kickstarter campaign is headed by a woman who runs a support group for people who specifically have thyroid cancer, and whose husband is in remission from thyroid cancer. However, the campaign has something of a unique aspect to it in that it is also about her craft projects.

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer and Crafts

It should be noted that people are more likely to remember almost anything, including a support group, if they have some token that is associated with it. As people distribute the crafts that are going to be made in this campaign, they’re going to be getting word out about the thyroid cancer support group at the same time.

Many other cancer groups will use ribbons in order to represent the cause. However, these ribbons were created for the sake of efficiency and not much more. They aren’t unique or especially decorative. However, the crafts behind this Kickstarter campaign are wonderfully decorative. People are actually going to remember the cause that is associated with them. Thyroid cancer is going to get a symbol that people are actually going to appreciate at more than the most basic level.

The people who contribute more than fifteen dollars are going to be able to get some of these crafted items. The people who contribute less than that are going to get mentioned on Facebook as part of the movement. However, everyone who contributes is still going to be part of the process. The contributors are going to be supporting independent crafts and supporting patients who have thyroid cancer all at the same time. This is an innovative thyroid cancer campaign that accomplishes several things at once.