Airospa – The Pillow That Massages You

Ever felt the need for a pillow which helps you lie down in your favourite face-down position so that you can forget all about the world and relax for a little while? Many people get sleep and are able to completely unwind from a hard day’s work only if they can bury their face in their pillow for a quick nap.

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However, staying in the face-down position for long can prevent one from breathing and most of the times, even if they do not wish to, they have to turn their back to the pillow and sleep in a position they are not much in love with.


What is AIROSPA all about?

What if there was an amazing face-down pillow which helps a person sleep in that position for as long as they want without worrying about their breathe! That is exactly what the AIROSPA pillow is all about as it is a revolutionary product designed not only for a quick nap but is also great for body massages. It helps keep the users neck aligned during a relaxing backrub and can replicate the massage tables used in professional spa and massage centres. Another added benefit of AIROSPA is that it can also work as an aromatherapy pillow and offer the goodness of this therapy wherever you are.

How does AIROSPA work?

The user must place 1 to 3 drops of his favourite essential oil on the diffuser system and then place it as instructed inside the pillow. The pillow should then be kept in a position most comfortable to the user so that they can place their face inside it and relax all day or all night long!

If you pledge $50, you get to have the pillow yourself with free shipping, unless you live in Canada, in which case you have to pay $20 more as shipping fee. And if you want to get 5 of these pillows, you would have to shell out $300.

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