Anti-Ageing Creams – The Safer and Cheaper Alternatives to Risky Procedures

Ageing is an unstoppable process, which starts at an early age. It starts after the age of 20 and by the time you become 30, the marks becomes quite visible. It happens when the collagen levels of the body start diminishing. Lack of collagen reduces the firmness of your skin, thus making it look, shaggy, and unattractive. The loss of skin elasticity reduces the moisture level of your skin, which eventually makes the skin dry and full of wrinkles.

Factors like genetic, make-up and your life-style determine the rate of aging of your skin. However you can minimise such causes, by using the right anti-aging cream. Dermatologists have come up with a unique product that is made up of natural ingredients. Such products help in retaining the quality of your skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles. It also fights back against the causes of anti-aging.

 Anti-Ageing Creams

At present there are more than hundred serums and creams that claim to be the best and effective. They promise to keep your skin look young and vibrant. With so many options, you will surely have difficulties in choosing the right product. Before buying any one of them, you can check the ingredients used for manufacturing such products.

Some common components of an anti-ageing cream include:

  • Hyaluronic acid serum: Its main purpose is to act as a lubricant and hydrate the cells. Low levels of this acid could lead to dryness and wrinkle formation.
  • Vitamin A: Also known as retinol, it helps in building or repairing collagen fibres which are present in the skin. It usually reduces with growing age. It helps in preventing the wrinkle formation and reduces the visibility of fine lines.
  • Vitamin E: With its antioxidant properties, this vitamin revitalizes the inflammation of the skin and makes it look healthy. It is also a natural moisturiser.
  • Vitamin C: It enhances the elasticity in the skin which treats it properly. It can eradicate the sunburn and wound marks.
  • Synthetic Peptide: These are quite similar to the molecules of protein present in the body. Regular usage of such creams increases the production of collagen and gives your skin a plum look.



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