Benefits of Salt Therapy for Allergies

Salt therapy as the name suggests is a natural process carried out to give temporary relief to patients suffering from allergies. Allergies can be of varied kinds, and affects a majority of the population worldwide.

Aftermath of allergies can be directly related to skin, respiratory or reproductive organs as well. Common causes of allergy remains to be antigen-antibody reaction but allergies can affect you at point of time.

How can Salt Therapy Help You

Salt therapy includes salt as a basic material which is thought to be an anti-septic ingredient altogether.

Inserting salt particles internally, can help you to have a temporary relief especially if you are suffering from allergies, sinusitis, eczema, asthma and other respiratory infections.

Salt therapy has been used largely in continents like Europe and the whole world is gradually picking up at it.

Observations from patients who have admitted that Salt therapy is really beneficial

Several patients interviewed by the media, have acknowledged that salt therapy for allergies is a best natural cure, and is also most convenient. Many of the patients, who suffer from sinusitis, have admitted that, home based and natural therapies can actually relieve them of severe allergy symptoms.

At the same time, doctors warn that, most of the medicines for allergies are noted to be steroids and these when used frequently can have major side effects too.

Salt Therapy: How can you get the maximum benefit?

Salt therapy can give a maximum benefit when used directly through nostrils. The saline device should be placed inside your nostrils for a few minutes and you should start inhaling. Many patients have a little difficulty in inhaling, in the initial phase, but your breathing should never stop.

Instead of a saline device you can also make salt based packs at your residence. Such salt based therapies at home can bring in temporary relief, when pushed inside your nostrils. Pushing in crystals of salts along your nostrils can also help you to get rid of your allergies. As a matter of fact, many patients have admitted that, they can feel the comfort, once salt packs are inserted while deep breathing.

As far as organized therapies are concerned, ‘salt cave based treatment hubs’ are available in the western countries. Sometimes “simulated salt cave’ rooms are created which has been termed as speleotherapy or halotherapy. Halotherapy induces dry salt inhalation which brings instant relief.

Whatever, said and done, halotherapy or salt based therapies can be extremely useful in combating symptoms related to allergy.