Bizarre Healthcare Technology Innovations

Whether you call it bizarre or path cracker but the technology is continuing to deliver surprises to us and to various industries. Healthcare is one of these, which was lifted manifold with the great support of technological innovations and advancement.

It is very much possible in today’s world that if something is in your fantasy today technology is making it a prominent reality tomorrow. We have already experienced a lot of these incidents throughout like; smart phones, tablets, ultra advanced mobile apps etc. In healthcare sector technical eminence is also very bright. Online medical database, health care specific social media, next generation diagnostic machines all are the notable contributor to boost up the healthcare industry at where it is today.

Healthcare Technology

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It literally feels like you are on an alien rollercoaster which has the Pandora box filled with surprises. How would you react if someone tells you that with the help of iPhone camera you can actually see the worm eggs? Head swinging, isn’t it? But no matter how bizarre it may sound but it is the fact. It is been proved and experimented that once you fit a lens, which does not cost more than $8, on top of the Iphone camera you can actually use this as a microscope and detect the warm eggs.

Later on it was sent for further scrutinizing the quality of the result and it is proven that by using above mentioned technique you can actually detect soil –transmitted parasitic worms. Though we all are hoping for further enhancement in term of quality so that very soon we can find yourselves instead of using heavy, and highly expensive microscope we are switching into a smart phone which can be held single handedly.

Glasses could be the next huge step in the world of technology. The recently introduced stroke glass has proved to be the new way of saving lives, time and apparently the money. This is the type of glass which can record the eye movements, on the basis of that it can really understand whether a person is really having a stroke or not. It is been surveyed that more than 90% people who comes for stroke test thinking that they might have got attacked by a stroke but proved wrongly later on. By using this stroke glass it can save the time and save you from the anxiety of undergoing MRI scan to detect the fact. It can also provide the option of early detection of the stroke and start up with the proper medication.

Though these unusual innovations look like a real bizarre but it has the full potential to make our lifestyle smoother or as we desire it to be. Technology is everywhere; whether it is our work place, our leisure escape, communication, even at where we seek the nirvana. Is it really being intrusive to getting incorporated with our life so intensely or is it the real comfort bringing to our daily life?

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