Common Mistakes with Cosmetic Labeling Laws

If you are considering starting a cosmetic company, then you have to think about cosmetic labeling laws. These are laws in place to create complete transparency with the public.

According to the FDA, cosmetics are considered to be anything that is used to alder odors of the body, change the appearance of the body, maintain the body, protect the body or cleanse the body. If your new business concerns itself with any of these, then you fall under the category of cosmetic labeling laws.

Cosmetic Labeling Laws

There are some common labeling mistakes with laws. If you plan on starting your company, you have to be aware of them. Here are five of the most frequent mistakes first-time company owners make:

Knowing when you need an ingredient list and when you don’t.

According to current news and events published online, if you are making soap, by the definition of the FDA, you don’t need an ingredient list.

However, if you categorize your product under cosmetics, then you do need to list what is in it. You can decide whether or not you want to label your soap with ingredients, but if it has a scent or moisturizing qualities, then it needs it according to the FDA.

Mistaking when to use bold type. Yes- the FDA dictates when you need to use bold lettering on labels. The net weight contents of what you create need to be in bold font and on the bottom third of your label. Yes- there are rules on how your label has to be laid out. Be sure to consult with FDA rules and guidelines to make sure you are following them exactly.

Know what the PDP is. The PDP stands for the principal display panel. This is the box you put on the bottom of your product outlining the ingredients. If you hear the term PDP you need to know what it refers to and what its requirements are. Again—be sure that you read what the laws are and how to exactly create your label so as to comply with regulations.

Don’t forget the address. Every product with a PDP has to note the contact information for the company manufacturing the product. This can be difficult for people who have a home manufacturing plant for small-batch product creation. The good news though is that you can leave out the exact street address if the business is in a directory online or in a phone book.

Know what font is the correct one to use on labels. There are rules of fonts that must be used. Be sure to find out what is appropriate according to the FDA before you do your printing. Different areas of your PDP need different fonts and font sizes.

If you’re in the business of creating cosmetics then you need to know about cosmetic labeling laws. It’s a requirement of manufacturing. Be sure to check with the regulations as dictated by the FDA so you are in compliance with all of them.