Counting Menstrual Cycle in Order to Increase the Chances of Fertility

When one is planning to conceive, then it becomes utmost necessary for one predict the menstrual cycle. There are so many couples who long to perform sexual activities specifically during ovulation since it is ideal for conception.


There are several methods of calculating your periods. One of the most commonly used methods is the calendar method of period calculation. The calendar method of calculating periods is a viable option for the one who has regular periods. Through the calendar method, a couple identifies the most fertile days of the month. This method involves keen observation of beginning and length of menstrual cycle for several months. In order to calculate the ovulation, one requires counting 14days backwards from the date of periods. During ovulation days it has been seen that sperm tends to survive for longer number of days inside the vagina. However, if your periods are not regular then this method of calculating your periods is not a viable option for you.

Basal method is yet another important method of calculating periods. The basal method of period calculation comprises of charting modifications in the body temperature. Though one cannot feel it in general sense, but modification in body temperature certainly occurs during ovulation period. This basal method strategy involves recording of body temperature each morning and looking forward for that enhancement. The body temperature must be checked before you commence with your routine physical activities. If the temperature of the body increases by .2degree Celsius or one degree Fahrenheit then this simply means that it is the right time to get physical with your partner.

Thirdly, cervical mucus method is also a good method for calculating periods. When the body of the female is most fertile then the mucus will be slippery and clear. It would appear as white as egg. By examining and collecting cervical mucus one resorts for right body temperature which would allow the sperm to fertilize the egg more easily. In case the ovulation period gets over then the mucus membrane appears light and sticky.

You can also choose to use ovulation kit in order to know whether you are ovulating or not.  The ovulation kits give exact measure about the luteinizing hormone. An increase in luteinizing hormone simply means that you will be ovulating within upcoming 24hours. Ovulation kits are easy to afford and are widely available in pharmaceutical shops.

You can also use ovulation calculator if you want to be 99% sure about your ovulation. The ovulation calculator calculates the exact time of your ovulation through the entered date and length of your periods.  Online ovulation calculators are also available which give exact information about your most fertile days.

Apart from counting and observing periods, you can also choose to resort for healthy diet and yoga in order to increase the possibility of pregnancy. A healthy diet has a direct connection with fertility. Thus one must strictly avoid eating junk food items so that one can conceive faster.