Delicious Recipes of Vegan Stuffed Peppers – Healthy and Tasty

Peppers are similar to capsicums in look and taste. They are used in various cuisines in various methods. One of the most delicious ways to use it is by making vegan stuffed peppers. It is an extremely appetizing dish, and can be served as snacks or even with main course meals.

Stuffed Peppers עברית: פלפל ממולא Hrvatski: pu...

Stuffed Peppers עברית: פלפל ממולא Hrvatski: punjena paprika Magyar: töltött paprika Русский: Фаршированный перец (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This can be enjoyed by everyone. The vegetarian ingredients used in the dish are tasty as well as nutritious. Originally a Greek cuisine, this dish is now a global favorite. Also, it has been added with some other ingredients, customizing it to suit different taste buds.

Recipe of Stuffed Peppers

The vegan stuffed peppers are usually stuffed with a filling of rice, parsley, mint, ground pepper, dill, onion and garlic. Some are made with cheese, olive, basils, baked beans. The peppers are deseeded and the filling is added to them. They are then cooked on low flame, or they are baked.

The recipes are usually very simple and can be made in a very short time, taking thirty minutes to a maximum of an hour. This can be the ideal food for children, who are always looking for tasty food, at the same time being nutritious. The rice and beans together form amino acids, which give rise to complete protein, which is essential for the vegetarians. Various sauces can be added to give it a tangy flavor.

The vegan stuffed peppers are usually served with homemade breads in the main course meals. Sometimes, carrots, tofus are added as fillings of the peppers to make it a healthier dish. The various sauces added lend it a regional taste, ranging from the Mediterranean, Mexican to even South-western flavor to the recipe.

They are a favorite, especially for the vegetarians. The next time you have to impress a vegetarian, you can opt for stuffed peppers. You can also check this site out for brilliant vegan stuffed peppers recipe.