Duties of the Holistic Dentist

Dentistry is a branch of medicine which mainly concerns about the stud, diagnosis, management as well as prevention of diseases pertaining to the oral cavity. A dentist is a doctor who knows how to carry out the procedures and techniques involved in dentistry.

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An NHS dentist performing an examination

An NHS dentist performing an examination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Normally a team of members will work together for handling any patient in the dental department like the dentist, dental assistants, dental technicians, dental anesthetists, dental hygienists, dental therapists or helpers, etc.

There is one more dentistry type is also there which is termed as Holistic Dentistry. Yes! As the name implies preventing as well as managing dental problems in a holistic path is known as Holistic Dentistry.

Holistic Dentistry is also called by the medical practitioners in various other names like biological dentistry, alternative dentistry, biocompatible dentistry, unconventional dentistry, etc.

In general medical dentistry, the people’s problems will be faced only on the physical level, whereas in the case of Holistic Dentistry the people’s problems will be looked in all views like physical, emotional or mental and spiritual.

The medical practitioner who practices the Holistic Dentistry is coined as a Holistic Dentist. In Holistic Dentistry the practitioners strictly avoid using the artificial materials for treating oral problems such as amalgams, metals for filling, teeth straightening, chemicals for oral washes, etc.

Instead, they use natural products and herbs for treating the patients’ oral diseases.

The Holistic Dentistry mostly struggles a lot to prevent the oral problems of the patients but not to treat the conditions. Thus the holistic dentist generally uses the following measures initially for any sort of oral problem.

  • Proper nutrition guide to the patient for preventing or reversing the oral cavity problems
  • Tips and ideas to prevent the formation and accumulation of toxins inside the oral cavity
  • Ideas for preventing dental obstructions
  • Methods to implement treatments for the gum diseases by own self