Selective Wellness: The Future Of Wellness

As doctors, these days we find innumerable number of people purchasing a variety of supplements over the counter or in the pharmacy to help aid better development of their body. The aim of these supplements is all the same – hope that it will help us lead a healthier and longer life.  Supplements are available for almost anything these days – helping with good digestion, improving our mood, improving heart health – you name it, there is probably a supplement to help it.


Many of the available supplements are used to treat ailments such as indigestion, bloating, nausea and gas. But are these supplements all safe for you? It is important to get yourself tested before taking any supplements, and it is always important to see your doctor before you do so.

Selective Wellness LLC has devised a simple urine test that will indicate exactly what elements and processes in the body might be malfunctioning. Of course, blood tests may help but many a time these can be falsely normal even if you are unwell. Let’s take a closer look at this.

How urine tests help

Our body requires a variety of nutrients for its normal functioning. These nutrients are available in different foods following the consumption of which they are absorbed by the digestive tract. Optimal absorption depends on the presence of adequate secretion of digestive enzymes and the right milieu within the digestive system to allow for normal absorption.

Sometimes, certain specific and important nutrients may not be absorbed, causing a variety of health problems. These can include vitamins, minerals, proteins and even certain fats. In order to supplement these with customised supplements, it is essential to know which of these are deficient. This is where the Selective Wellness LLC urine test is an extremely useful diagnostic tool.

The urine test is usually performed over a 24 hour period and any urine that is passed is collected over this period. Specific nutrients can be analyzed and their quantities estimated accurately. This accurate determination helps us as physicians to offer our patients the right supplements that they actually need, rather than the ones that will likely be excreted or just accumulated within the body.

Taking customized supplements

At Selective Wellness LLC, they offer customised nutritional products that target individual patient requirements. The urine test will help identify the supplements required, and the personalised supplements are shipped out to the patient. As healthcare professionals, we can only see advantages in these, as the treatment is as ‘targeted’ as it can get. Just replacing the nutrients that are deficient reduces the risk of side effects and helps patients recover in a healthy, steady manner.


It is strongly recommended that before even thinking about taking any supplements, you ensure that you have taken medical advice first. Take advantage of Selective Wellness LLC’s urine test and ensure that you get supplements that are personalized to you. This will no doubt build your health back to what it should be.