How Can I Treat Adult Acne?

Have you gazed in the mirror and wondered why am I having acnes now? Well, acne isn’t just for teens; you can be plagued by adult acne in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. However, you can treat adult acne easily now.

If you’re being troubled by acne more often, then relying on pharmacy store medicines isn’t the right thing. At first, you need to speak to your doctor and go for the recommended treatment. You have other options too:

  •   Prescription ointments with retinoid to help in unplugging the follicles.
  •  Gel with dapson which helps in fighting the inflammation included in acne.
  •  Combo creams which include cleansing compound like benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics like clindamycin.
  • Birth control pills which help in regulating the hormonal imbalance which initiates breakouts.
  • Oral antibiotics which functions as anti-inflammatory.
  • A blood pressure pill can be taken off-label to treat acne.

When you use retinoid, it helps in keeping the pores clean, skin exfoliated and treats wrinkles. The application of cream may be done for a longer time period, but you can see the results in the starting few days.

  •        You can go for acne cleanser every day. It will help you clear the acne marks too.
  •        Dehydrated skin can enhance sebum production which leads to clogged skin. Keep yourself hydrated and your skin hydrated by using an apt moisturizer.
  •     The right way to get rid of adult acne is by pure skin care! Make use of non-comedogenic products along with the soft cleanser and scrub your skin twice every week.

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