How to Quit Smoking and Stay Healthy

Smoking is a practice where the tobacco is burned and the smoke is inhaled. Nowadays smoking has become a culture in the society where friends group together and smoke as they have tea or coffee. Initially smoking was practiced as a method of administering drugs which was needed to be absorbed by the lungs. But this practice has developed now as an addiction for many youngsters and elder people also.

quit smoking

It is a known smoking fact to everyone that there is a positive relation between smoking and lung cancer. The worst part in smoking is that it does not affect the active smokers who have this habit but also the surrounding people who passively inhale the smoke. This is the reason that smoking in public areas are strictly prohibited and punishable in many countries of the world. Facts about smoking are known to everyone but still they are addicted to this habit.

The smoke or gas which is inhaled through smoking rapidly enters the lungs, within few seconds it is diffused through the alveoli to the pulmonary veins which enter the heart. As this smoke is rich in carbon monoxide which is a well-known pollutant just blocks the blood vessels and damages it. But this chemical also triggers the nerve endings and releases the chemicals called endorphins which give a pleasure sensation for the smokers. So when a person tries to quit smoking he may be deprived of this pleasure producing chemical and his efforts result in vain.

Electric cigarettes, which is one of the most favorable ways today has helped millions of people to quit smoking. Actually the person using these electric cigarettes does not smoke the harmful substance inside their body and at the same time it satisfies the demand of addicted people by giving same smoking cessations. This is made possible due to the technology used in these electric cigarettes which makes these cigarettes risk free.