How to Tell if you Need Glasses?

As one grows old and moves towards senility, the body starts sending signs to the human signalling towards the fact that the body has started its ride down the road of old age. The joints start hurting, the back starts aching, the hair starts to grey and the skin on hands and face develops wrinkles. The body starts showing a lot more signs and you make a lot more efforts to correct them. You start getting massages for body aches, you start to colour your hair to hide the greys and use anti-ageing creams to get rid of those wrinkles.

As an additive, your eyes also start showing signs that you are ageing. The vision of your eyes starts to change which might give you a hard time initially. Thankfully, you have the option of using glasses to correct your vision and save yourself from tripping on the stairs. Or you could use contact lenses; however, glasses are a safe bet any day.

Some signs that you need to look out for that might indicate towards you needing glasses to correct your vision are: –

  1. Difficulty focusing

If you find it hard to focus at one point during activities like reading, watching TV, etc. and feel your eyes getting tired as a result of it, chances are you might have started to grow a weaker vision.

  1. Severe headaches

Unexplained headaches aren’t a healthy phenomenon and need to be taken seriously. If you face such headaches after reading or working on the computer, you need to visit the ophthalmologist to get glasses.

  1. Blurry close-up vision

If you face difficulty focusing on objects close to you and feel them getting all blurry, you might have farsightedness or hyperopia and might need glasses for the same.

  1. Double vision

Having double vision is one of the primitive signs of coming to terms with the fact that you might be needing glasses. This phenomena is caused by expansion of your muscles around the eyes due to ageing and can be corrected with glasses.

  1. Unable to see in dark

Although this is a very common occurrence and can happen with anyone of any age, the inability to see in the dark might be indicative of cataract or you needing glasses.

  1. Seeing halos around lights in the dark

If you have been ‘seeing’ halos around light in the dark, it might mean that you have a serious eye problem. Out of all these problems, it may be nothing and a vision problem that might be resolved with glasses.

  1. Red eyes

Red eyes aren’t a healthy sign and any sign of having red eyes could pose a threat to vision. It could be something in the air that might be irritating your eye, however chances are you need to visit the optician to get new glasses and stop rubbing your eyes in order to see clearly.

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