Knowing about Sterilization​ Method

Sterilization is a method of contraception which works by stopping the meeting of egg with the sperm. It is a permanent method performed for male and female. In females, it is a tubal occlusion, which is performed by cutting or sealing or even blocking the Fallopian tubes that carry the egg to the uterus. In case of male sterilization, it is called as vasectomy, which is performed by sealing, cutting or tying the tubes which carry sperm to the testicles of the male organ (penis).


Is sterilization effective?

The researchers suggest that, when Sterilization is performed with the use of Filshie clip, there is a chance for the failure rate as the tubes which carry eggs in women and sperm in men can rejoin after a period of sterilization. It may happen after some years or immediately after the operation.


After getting sterilized, there is no need to use contraceptive pills ever again.


In Sterilisation you may get fertile again anytime in future when the tubes rejoin. Sterilization is not a barrier for sexually transmitted diseases or infections. This cannot be upturned easily. It may take at least four weeks or three months to be effective.

Does sterilization affect the normal sexual life?

It does not affect any of your hormones and makes you fit like before to enjoy sex. In general, sterilization is a good way to be free from the fear of unplanned pregnancy after making family.

Is there is a necessity to stay in hospital after sterilization?

As the sterilization is performed with the use of local anesthesia on men and women, the period of stay is advised by the doctor as per the operation.