Lavender Oil: Blended By Nature To Provide You Best Benefits

Lavender Oil is in use mostly in every household for its aromatic and treatment properties. There are various benefits of using lavender oil that is therapeutic in nature and provides users with various health benefits.

Other than health benefits, another benefit of lavender oil is for its aromatic property. The rich aroma in lavender oil is mostly used to make perfumes. The aromatic property in lavender oil also helps in providing various health and skin care benefits to its users.

How is lavender Oil produced?

Lavender Oil is produced from lavender flower extract through the continuous process of steam distillation. This process also helps in locking the fragrance of lavender as such and has been used in making potpourris, scented candles and most importantly perfumes.

There are lot of combinations and preparations that goes into the process of making aromatic lavender oil which also helps in providing various health benefits to users.

Various health benefits of lavender oil

Hair Care: If you are suffering from continuous hair loss or itchy scalp, then lavender oil can come to your aid. Lavender oil helps in reducing redness and scalp dry thereby reducing itchiness and also prevents any hair loss. The aromatic property of lavender oil is also helpful in increasing blood flow and thereby better hair growth.

Improve Blood Circulation: Applying lavender oil on your skin and massaging helps in improved blood circulation on your body. Another benefit is that it helps in reducing skin tension and thereby controls blood pressure and any other body aches related to stress and anxiety. With continuous application and massage on your skin, your skin then gains its glow and remained boosted and flushed with blood always.

Helps in better digestion: Lavender oil also helps in better digestion process. It increases the mobility of food in intestine and helps in treatment of indigestion, vomiting or stomach pain in kids and adults.

Better Immunity in Kids: The essential property of lavender oil is its natural process of creating better immunity in kids. It helps kids in being resistant to various diseases.

Today other than essential oil, lavender oil is also used in making soaps, gels, infusion and lotions. You can now easily buy them online at stores where these are available at very low cost.