Recovering From Pornography Addiction with Qualified LDS Help


The Internet allows us to learn about each other and connect with each other to a greater degree now more than ever before in the history of humanity. Unfortunately, there are a number of dark sides to the proliferation of the Internet. Perhaps the most significant of these is access to pornography.

More people are addicted to pornography today in the United States than at any other time in the past, which makes this a highly important issue to discuss. However, as with any other addiction, an addiction to pornography often leaves the people under its control with a deep sense of shame and guilt, which leads them to hide their behaviors from others instead of seeking out help.

First Steps To Helping Yourself
Fortunately, it is possible to recover from a pornography addiction, just as it is possible to recover from any other kind of addiction. Services such as Light’s Along the Shore’s LDS based addiction recovery can help people return to living healthy and fulfilling lives with their family, friends, and professional endeavors. However, it is necessary to seek help first, which is where resources such as Light’s Along the Shores LDS pornography counselors can come in handy.

Because of the stigma attached to addictions in general, studies have shown that people suffering from addictions are less likely to seek help than people who are healthy, even though they need help far more. Pornography addictions are no different, as they often come with a deep sense of shame over the behavior, which drives the people with the addictions into hiding.

Confronting Your Addictions
However, addictions can only be fought and defeated by facing them head on, and if they are not dealt with early on, they become increasingly harder to manage. People who do not seek help for their addictions to pornography can end up neglecting their spouses or significant others, children, friendships, and work, which can have deeply negative consequences for their lives.

Fortunately, as noted earlier, it is possible to recover from pornography addiction when one seeks help. Even though it can be frightening to seek assistance and people might initially find it shameful to confront their behaviors and share them with others, it is ultimately the most effective path toward recovery.

A History With Successful Recoveries
Light’s Along the Shore has experience in helping people work through the process of addiction recovery. The process is not a short or easy one, but it is well worth following through in order to regain control over one’s actions, one’s sense of self, and ultimately, over one’s life. Living with a pornography addiction, after all, is not really living.

People with such addictions can spend hours at a time staring at computer screens by themselves, devoid of human interaction, isolating themselves from the real world and the varied responsibilities that come with it. This is harmful to personal and professional relationships, which is why to function effectively as a healthy and happy human being, it is necessary to overcome such addictions.

Life is waiting for all of us, and there is always hope, no matter how hopeless a situation might appear at the time.