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Bamboo salt has been used as traditional remedy. It is made by filling a 3- to 5-year-old fresh bamboo stem with bay salt (unprocessed coarse, hexagonal salt that is produced by drawing sea water into the saltern and letting the water evaporate from the wind and sunlight) and baking it in an ocher kiln with pine tree woods at 850℃.

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According to the particle size, you can use bamboo salt for various purposes from cooking to tooth brushing and skincare.

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Brush-teeth bamboo salt 입안이행복(Korean product name) trademark registration no.: 0934961

It can be safely used by people of any age including children, as it is free from harmful chemical components that are found in general toothpaste. Also, its reaction to various minerals help maintain healthy teeth and gum and keep your mouth refreshed by removing bad breath.

Also, thanks to its fine particles, it does not damage the gum or teeth when used for massaging or brushing them. Also, 100% made of bamboo salt, it can be also used for cooking.

[How to use]

– Wet the toothbrush and put bamboo salt on it. Brush the teeth and gum gently and rinse.

– You can brush teeth by holding a teaspoonful amount of bamboo salt in hand or putting it on top of bamboo toothpaste.

– Bamboo salt has fine particles and is completely dry. Therefore, it is very sensitive to humidity and can harden when in contact with it. We recommend putting it a small container and use it in small portions.

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Beauty bamboo salt고운미죽염(Korean product name)

It is finely ground to be used for face cleansing and massage for healthy and beautiful skin.

Also, rich in natural minerals, it hydrates the skin when massaged on the face, as well as removing dead skin cells and impurities in the pore, keeping the skin firm and moisturized.

[How to Use]

– Put a suitable amount of it on the palm and apply it on the desirable area. (After at least 1 minute) wash it off with lukewarm water and lightly wash with cold water to finish.

– When you wash, put 2 ~ 3 spoonfuls of coffee spoon into the sink.

– If you have acne (inflammation) on your face or you have a skin disease, use 1 to 2 teaspoons only.

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‘Sambo Bamboo’ is a leading manufacturer of bamboo salt and only uses bamboos and Grade 1 bay salt from South Korea.

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